My SofaKing Crazy Life: An Autobiography

This story is my story. From the very first memory I can remember, to the one's I'm making right now. The events are real. The people are real. The story is real. And it's SofaKing Crazy.

(Names in story have been changed for privacy reasons.)


1. A Note From The Author

June, 2016

   Welcome to my story. This is the story of my life. It is 100% true and 100% uncensored. The events in this novella, how unbelievable some of it may sound, are completely factual. This being said, it isn't without bias. It is my life-I will tell it through my own eyes and feelings. I would like to note that I have changed the names of some people to protect their privacy though. I hope through reading this you may at least get a glimpse of the happiness I have experienced, pain I have felt, anger I have dealt with, and other feelings that have been mixed in as well. I hope you enjoy. 
                                                                - Caleb, SofaKingCool



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