The First Two

I guess you could say I asked for this. Why couldn't I just choose one. I mean Luke was extremely good looking and he was so out there.

Being with him was out of my comfort zone but I liked the thrill and the feeling of a new adventure.... but Ashton...

He was safe. He wasn't a risk. I knew if I chose him it would work out and I would be happy and there would be no damage done....

But is that what I want? I know I don't want to be hurt again because we all know that's the last thing I need but maybe I should play it safe.

Time is running out and if I don't choose soon it'll be too late.

Sorry in advance for the chapters being so short. They will get much longer once more people read. Thank you❤️


1. Moxie Burger

BG INFO-----

My name is Kacy. I have dark black semi-curly hair, boring dark brown eyes and a dog named teebo. Just think of me as the average rebellious teenager who is soon to be 19. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of girl who goes and parties every night and gets drunk everyday but I'm no saint.

I work at a book store called Shelves. I know what your thinking, wow what a loser. So what? I like to read. I'm not the most popular girl but I know how to party and get what I want when I need to. I guess you could say I keep my "darker side" on the down low.


It was another typical day at Shelves. I was signing out to leave for my lunch break. I could really use a burger right now. I start heading out to go to Moxie Burger a little further than across the street.

I get there shortly and I order a burger with fries and a medium Dr Pepper. I then walk over to a table by the large window and wait for my food to come.

About 10 minutes later my food arrives at my table and I start chowing down.

I'm sitting at my table scrolling through Instagram, down to my last fries when I see a really hot guy sitting a couple tables away from me. He has gorgeous blonde hair and he's wearing all black. He has a lip ring and it looks amazing on him. He's tall. Like really tall

H O T!!!!

Knowing how creepy I am, I decided to snapchat a picture of him to my friend Lexi. I take the picture, send it to her and continue to eat my fries. I lean over to the chair beside me to get money from my purse when I hear the chair in front on me get pulled out and I see shoes under the table. I slowly lift my head up and quickly regret it.

In front of my lies the hot boy I took a picture of. He is just sitting there looking right at me. I freeze and don't say a word. He says "I came over so you could take a better picture of me to send to your friend. I don't think you got a good one from all the way over there where I was sitting."

Suddenly my brain shuts down and so much is going through my head. Why did I take a picture?? This is so embarrassing. What do I say?? I'm such an idiot. Just play it cool. Why is he sitting here??

I stutter out "uhhh..ha ha... I wasn't taking a picture oh you.... I was... Taking a picture of the menu above your head.." Wow is that really all I can come with on the spot? Come on Kacy. Get it together. I'm not usually this awkward but damn this boy is hot.

After a few awkward seconds I realize he keeps looking at me. Staring me down as if he's waiting for me to give in and confess to taking the picture. Well he's right to do so because I panic and say "okay fine. I did take a picture of you. But in my defense, I didn't expect for you to notice and walk over and laugh at me"

He chuckles and gives me another cute look. Before I could even say anything else to embarrass myself further he replies with "I knew it. But it's okay my friends and I do the same thing with cute girls. Mind if I take a picture of you?"

Holy shit. What just happened. I start blushing mad hard. What do I do. Do I smile? Do I fix my hair? Is there food on my face?

I manage to say "aw. Sure why not?" And I strike a cute silly pose (you know, in case I look bad. It'll look like I did it on purpose;)

He takes the picture and looks down at his phone. He then looks up at me and says "Well my name is Luke. I'm going to write my number down on this napkin and I want you to call me soon. I have to go meet up with some of my friends but I'll be waiting for that call."

And with that, he gets up, scribbles something on the napkin, winks at me and leaves.


Okayama so I have major plans for this story but this is my first one so I don't know if people will like it and want to keep going. So I'll just leave it here for a couple days and see what happens.

This is going to be about Luke AND Ashton.

Let me know if I should keep it going!!

Thank you!❤️

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