The First Two

I guess you could say I asked for this. Why couldn't I just choose one. I mean Luke was extremely good looking and he was so out there.

Being with him was out of my comfort zone but I liked the thrill and the feeling of a new adventure.... but Ashton...

He was safe. He wasn't a risk. I knew if I chose him it would work out and I would be happy and there would be no damage done....

But is that what I want? I know I don't want to be hurt again because we all know that's the last thing I need but maybe I should play it safe.

Time is running out and if I don't choose soon it'll be too late.

Sorry in advance for the chapters being so short. They will get much longer once more people read. Thank you❤️


2. Phone Call

After that wild experience at Moxie Burger I text Lexi and tell her to meet me at Shelves asap. I pick up my black leather purse, put the napkin that Luke wrote his number on in my back pocket and go pay for my food.

I walk back over to the book store and start putting books away while I wait for Lexi to arrive.

About 10 minutes later I hear the little bell above the door ring and look over the book rack to see if it's Lexi. She spots me and rushes over to hear all about my hot boy.

I tell her everything and she just looks at me with her mouth and eyes wide open. When I'm finally done telling her she pauses and then yells "GO YOU!! GO GET YOURSELF A HOT BOY!!"

I rapidly grab her arm and pull her down towards the ground with me because everyone in the store is now staring at us. We sit there giggling and talking for another 20 minutes until Lexi gets as a text from her mom saying she has to go get ready for their dinner party. She gives me a hug, tells me to call her after I call Luke and she goes home.

After 3 hours of selling and putting away books, my shift is over and I grab my keys and lock up the book store. I walk over to my car and begin to drive to my apartment that's only about 15 minutes away.

I soon reach my apartment and start walking up the steps. I've been living here for almost a year and I'm starting to think about maybe getting a roommate. It gets kind of quiet around here even with my very energetic dog Teebo.

Speaking of Teebo, as soon as I open the door I am flooded with wet dog kisses. I put all my stuff on the counter, feed Teebo and start towards the shower after ordering a pizza so I can eat and watch movies all night.

After I change and I'm all showered I start lookin for a movie to watch on Netflix. The pizza finally arrives and I sit on my couch watching Gossip Girl for about the 4th time.

I suddenly remember I was supposed to call Luke!! I contemplate calling him for a good 30 minutes and then come to the conclusion that I might as well call him considering I can't embarrass myself any more than I did earlier.

I start dialing his number and I start flipping out after about 4 rings and no answer. I'm about to hang up when I hear someone shuffle the phone on the other side. I then here a guy say "Guys!! Be quiet. I'm trying to talk on the phone!..... Uhhh hello?"

Oh shoot. I didn't really think this through. I was kind of hoping he wouldn't answer. I quickly calm my voice even though my mind is fogging up and manage to say "umm hey, it's Kacy. You know that weird girl who took a picture of you at Moxie burger earlier today and totally embarrassed herself" wow nice going Kacy. Just when I thought I couldn't make things worse. I'm such a weirdo.

He starts to chuckle to himself and then after a short pause he says "Ohhh. I'm glad you called I was starting to think you wouldn't call and I'd be the embarrassed one."

Wow. Why would he be embarrassed? I'm the weird crazy one. Anyways, we end up talking on the phone for TWO WHOLE HOURS. It's about to be 11 and I have to work tomorrow so I start thinking if I should hang up or keep talking. I then decided I have to hang up so we both say our goodnights.

Before I hang up he says "soo umm I was wondering if we could maybe hang out tomorrow. If you want to. You don't have to. I just...uh... I think you're really cool and it wou" I cut him off because I sense he's a little shy and say of course.

But then I'm sadly reminded that tomorrow is Monday and I have to stay longer at Shelves since Monday is always very busy. I tell Luke I have to work and apologize for not being able to hang out.

To my surprise he replies "oh well I have a great idea! You told me you work at a book store so how about I swing by and entertain you for a while. It'll be fun... As long as I don't get you in trouble... Is it cool if I stop by?"

YESSSS!!!! I say to myself. I actually reply "oh my gosh that would be so great. I love to work there and I love to read but it does get kind of boring so if you can come by it would mean a lot"

"Well then it's a date" is all he says. WOAH I'm going on a date tomorrow with a super hot extremely nice boy!!

Oh no! I'm going on a date with an super hot boy!! What am I going to wear??! I guess I could tweak my uniform. Wow I can't wait for tomorrow!! I better go to sleep so I can wake up earlier to get ready. I'll call Lexi in the morning.

I close my eyes and start drifting away into happy dreams.


Wow things seem to be going really well for Kacy.

Luke is interested in her and she seems to be very interested in him too.

But is Luke really a nice boy? Or is he wilder than Kacy imagined? Nothing is better then a nice guy with a crazy secret bad side!

Hope you guys like it so far!! I'm trying to double check all my writing before I publish but sorry if I miss a couple grammar things. I know I missed 2 in the first chapter.

Anyways, please let me know if I should continue this story:))

thank you❤️

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