Dancing with the devils daughter

Do you know that feeling, when a complete stranger can look into your darkest secrets? When you feel so safe and comfortable that it's dangerous for yourself? For your family? I tried to stay away, I really did ...


1. Chapter one

''Elysion, if you want to go to that schoolthing, you will have to get up now!'' 

This is the first moment that I regret my decision to quit homeschooling and to go to a normal school, but once I'm out of my great, perfect, so attractive bed I'm full of enthousiasme. My first day of real school, with people of my age, not only my dad. 

When I'm downstairs, he's already sitting at the table, ready to eat breakfast. We always eat breakfast together, but normally not so early. It's just the two of us, I know nothing about my mom, dad his vague answers on every question about her is: 'You will find out when time's ready.'

''You know the rules that we made?'' It's just half past seven, but he's already his scrupulously self.

''Yes I know them, I have to obtain great results, I can only go for one year, I need to remember why I'm doing this and the most important: I can not tell anyone about the real reason I have never been to school before.''

I rattle them of with an sarcastic face, but he looks relieved that I still know them. Like I could forget the houretaking conversation when I asked him if I could learn like a normal teenager. He is so protective and I have no idea why.


Well, actually I do have an idea why... My father kills people. He slaughters them because they deserve it. He doesn't always kill them, sometimes he just ruins their life by exposing their crimes to the world. I see him as the angel of revenge but the world doesn't always know the crimes his victims committed, so they see him as the devil, literally. He is the bad guy in their eyes. But they also don't see the connection between Henry Miscord and 'The Devil'. For me, he's just dad. Call me crazy but I have no problem with his 'job'. Justice is a difficult thing to obtain. I don't know how he gets the information about his victims or why he even started his revengemission, but I trust him. And he trusts me, his only weak spot. 


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