Levi x Reader - Prisoners and Paperplanes [AU]

Possible Trigger Warning. Based on the Vocaloid songs "Prisoner" and "Paperplane" sung by Kagamine Len and Rin. I decided to post it here because why not? Hope you like it, I guess.


1. One

The footsteps got closer by the minute, and the rapid beating in your heart didn’t dare to cease. If they came any closer, it would be the end, and you would be exposed. They’d grab you, hook you up to the terrifying machine, and lock your door so that you had zero chance of escaping… But you couldn’t let that happen. You had to know what kind of person your father really was. He was always the kind and loving parent who cared for you before anyone else, and never left your side after your mother died, but whenever you asked to see where he worked, he wouldn’t tell you. He did explain it being a camp of some sort – where evil people were punished, and you knew it wasn’t located far from the hospital. Though, wasn’t Hell where the scum of the earth would rot? Why punish them now? It didn’t make sense, and you had to find out for yourself.

What you were doing was stupid – no, more than that, it was dangerous. Removing the tubes that you were hooked onto made it even more likely that you were going to die, and all to find out one thing? As always, curiosity had gotten the better of you. Now that you were this far, you weren’t going to give up. You weren’t going to let them take you back into that plain colourless room where the sun didn’t shine through.

“Nurse Jenkins? Could you help me with this operation, please?”

“Oh, of course!”

You sighed in relief as the footsteps got further and further away, and risked everything to peek round the corner that you had your back against. There was a receptionist sitting at the desk with her head buried in paperwork, so she didn’t notice you peek out at her. Quietly, you crouched down and quickly slipped past her, making it to the door that lead out of the hospital ward. Turning your head to make sure she wasn’t looking first, you slowly opened the door with a light click, slipping through the tiny gap before closing it again, letting the worry lift from your shoulders. Walking to the end of the corridor, you opened the exit, welcoming the summer breeze hitting you face, joy overwhelming you. You thought that you would never feel this again, yet here you were, as free as a bird.

Straightening your straw hat on your head, you skipped across the grass, paying little attention to the pain it caused your legs.

The smoke drifting in the air caught your eyes, and you moved towards it, gasping at the state that befell your eyes. Your father had said he worked in a camp. Never had he said it was a Concentration Camp. The buildings walls were bleak, prisoners peeping out the barred windows, their eyes dull of any colour and bruises covering their sunken mal-nourished faces. Your father… worked here…? The kind man you grew up with who always took care of you… Was a soldier torturing the prisoners of war.

A gigantic field was adjacent to the prison, barbed wire surrounding it, multiple ways to torture people at different angles. Some whipping posts, some windmills that they were forced to turn to maybe power electricity, and some just lying down on the hard concrete floor due to hunger and exhaustion being hauled up by the guards to work again. You watched from a fair distance, but couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was looking at you, and your eyes met steely blue ones. The boy looked about your age, messy raven hair just about covering his eyebrows, and face beaten and bruised. He was wearing nothing but plain brown and grey dirty rags. Your heartbeat caught in your chest once you noticed how handsome he was, despite all the dirt covering his face. Shaking your head, you began to walk back to the hospital, hoping that no one had noticed you left.

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