Poems Of The Ignorant Lover

These are the poems of the ignorant lover, who gave their all, just for the heart of someone else to find another.
|Moderate Language|


1. The Seven Lines Of The Used


"The Seven Lines Of The Used"

1) I

2) Think it's

3) Funny that I

4) Could have kept you

5) If I had spread my

6) Legs open. But this time I

7) Opened my mouth and said no instead.

1) I

2) Think it's

3) Funny that you

4) Said you'd never leave

5) Me alone in this dreary

6) Depression of mine that cripples. 

7) You left me because of no bed. 

-Sera Boatman

To my dear last love that I shall call Mr. D. I never thought you'd do this to me. 

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