The babysitter



1. chapter 1 || 5years Xx

Skye's POV

Long live the reckless and the brave I don't think I want to be saved my song has been sung so Long live us

My alarm sung. let me introduce myself well first off my name is Skye and I love all time low,green day,and blink 182 I'm one of those girls that is always home alone cause my mum has work so she will leave for months even years at a time

I have crystal green eyes and brown hair with blue dip dye that is in waves that is my natural hair waves so yeah my parents got divorced when I was 3 and my dad left so he's not here anymore but I got a step dad plus he's like my real dad so I call him dad (we don't live with my stepdad he travels a lot)

my alarm clock sung long live the reckless and the brave to tell to get the hell up to go to the hellhole called school yay!!(note of sarcasm) so I got up and took a shower and I left my hair in its natural waves and I just put some consealer and foundation and bubble gum lip gloss and that's all the make up for me

For my outfit I put on a black all time low crop top and a skater skirt that goes up to my mid thigh so not to slutty and and the skirt was plain black and then I put on my blue purple and white flannel on my waist and that's my outfit

Once I was done getting ready for school I went downstairs to find my mum had 20 suitcases by the door and I was shocked then I said "mum what's all this" "oh dear come sit down "she said I sat down at the table "Skye I'm leaving for another business trip"she said "how long?" I asked "5 years" she said "WHAT!!!!!" "yeah but your going to be more mad by this one" she said I prepared myself for the worst you. "You have a babysitter" she said I was blown away like *what the fuck I'm fucking 17 I think I can handle myself for fucking 5 years*

"Mum why the fuck do I need a fucking babysitter I can take care of myself I'm fucking 17" I stated "well I don't think you will not have boys over for sex and I bet you won't have any party's at all" she said sarcastically "but I do have good news" she said "ok" i said "you can get a dog" she said I was so happy "are you serious?!" "yeah" she said "thanks so much love you" I said "you don't need to go school I've set up online courses for you and your babysitter" she said

"Ok well I should get going" she said I started to cry "don't cry I'll end up crying"

~after mum left~

So here starts 5 years without mum this is going to suck. I went upstairs I to my room and put on some music I put on the song Weak by Jojo on I love this song, It was on my favorite part of the song and the fucking doorbell rang like what the fuck but whatever so I went downstairs

I answered the door to see a boy he was tall and he had red hair like unnatural red but whatever "hey who are you?" I asked the strange boy "hi I'm Michael I'm going to be babysitting you for 5 years" he said I could tell he was Australin "oh come in by the way my names Skye" i said

"Skye that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said "thank you" I said after that I went upstairs and listened to music and sang at the top of my lungs I forgot that Michael is here so I went downstairs in my bra and underwear cause I forgot that Michael was here and he was watching a movie so I just walked past him and he didn't notice me good

I went in the fridge and got some strawberries and ate them while I was on Twitter Michael got up and said "where is my bed-woah" he said "oh hey Michael I forgot you were here, well anyway what were you going to ask" I said "uh oh um where's my uh bedroom?" he said "mum said you have to sleep.." while getting out my note she gave me.

"She said the room next door to mine" "oh ok well where is that then?" he said "follow me" he did I bet he was staring at my butt the whole time we were on the stairs

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