Two Ghosts

Samantha had one addiction. It wasn't the sort that left you needing rehab or reaching for a bottle of £9.99 vodka off the top shelf in the little corner shop that was always busy between the hours of three p.m and nine p.m. Her addiction was different. She was, in fact, a film addict!
Her life at times has been littered with sad moments that meant Sam could have gone one of two ways. But she wasn't a quitter so instead she filled her days with happy endings and credits rolling. Who doesn't like to get lost in a good romantic comedy?
Richard, her gorgeous boyfriend with his Hollywood looks was her very own Hugh Grant but unbeknown to her, one musician was about to make her question who she wanted her leading man to be but most of all she started to question whether happy endings truly do exist

Copyright © 2016 by Ellie_xo
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the autho


21. 21

I take off my coat before getting in the car as I don’t think sitting in material that is drenched through is a great idea. Harry passes me a jacket off the back seat and I drape it around myself. It is blue military style with gold buttons and I snuggle myself into it, the smell of his aftershave filling the space between us is something that I’ve truly missed. 

He turns on the ignition and finally the heating kicks in. He rubs his hands together to warm himself up and then laughs when he turns to me. I’m aware my hair is ringing wet and the water slowly makes it way down my T shirt which is by far the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever felt. A crash of lightening makes me jump and Harry’s laughter turns into a smile 

‘We are safe in here, I promise. I’ll get you home though so you can get out of those clothes. You look freezing’ 

He puts his hand on the gear stick and I brush my fingers against his ‘Thank you Harry’ my words have a double meaning but I know he understands that not only am I thanking him for taking me home but I’m also thanking him for showing up and being here. I don’t presume it’s easy for him because I know that this isn’t easy for me. But if I have to steal moments like these to help my heart then I will take them. Because just a little piece of him is all I want, and I can see that’s what he wants too. 

For once we listen to music I choose and Lana Del Rey fills the silent gaps that are by no means awkward. By the time we get to our street the storm is still having its glory in the sky and huge puddles are forming on the floor. 

He turns off the headlights as we get closer to his house and I presume this is so we don’t draw attention to ourselves. I pick my bag up and look for my keys before I have to get out, shaking it twice on the hopes I can follow the jingling noise and find them sooner. Got them! The car slowly comes to a halt and he turns off the engine ‘Do you want to come in?’ 

I unclip my seatbelt and sigh ‘Yes, I really do. But I won’t. Not tonight’ 

He smiles and reaches for my left hand. He places it near his mouth and softly his lips skim over the finger where my engagement ring sits. The contact is unexpected and it breathes life into parts of my body I don’t want to admit. I shift uncomfortably in the chair and he grins, all too aware of what he’s doing

‘Are you sure?’ He teases and I move my hand out of his grip. I adore playful Harry, that is why I need to get out of the car. 

‘Goodnight, Mr Styles’ 

We walk side by side, only the little brick wall separating us and when we reach the top I lean against my front door 

‘I had a really good night. Sorry the film ended early’ 

He smiles and looks up at the sky. The thunder has slowly started to subside and the air is free from the rain ‘Maybe we could do it again some time? If you’re free?’ He returns his gaze to me and I am hopeful that his question means we can spend some time together. 

I put my key into the lock and open the door ‘I would like that. You have my phone number, feel free to text me sometime. If you’re free of course’ I grin and he raises his eyebrows 

‘Goodnight Prim’ 


I shut the door and after a really hot bath I sleep soundly for the first time in weeks. 


I’m late, I’m so bloody late! Richard rolled in at five a.m and woke me up! I had contemplated sleeping for an extra half an hour but somehow a quick nap turned into three extra hours of sleep! I stand on the front door step and tap my foot impatiently. Where is this taxi? 

My phone vibrates, alerting me to a text message so I pull it out of my bag and unlock the screen 



*Drinks tonight? I’ve missed you!* 


I smile and hit reply 


*I’ve missed you too! Can’t tonight, working until about ten on an order that is being collected in the morning. I’ll be free tomorrow for a stroll around the block though?* 


She replies almost instantly 



*I promised Corrine I would meet her tomorrow. She needs to talk to me about something. Monday? Don’t forget you have your fancy dress fitting with Chaz. Do you want me to come with you?* 


I roll my eyes and hit the keypad a little more harder than usual 


*Oh ok. Have fun with Corrine. Monday sounds good* 



*Don’t be jealous, you’re still my favourite! LOL! Love you grumpy. See you Monday xo* 


I am not grumpy! I just detest Corrine. If anything it makes me a great judge of character! My taxi pulls up and all thoughts of mean girls slip away as I head to work.


The day goes smoothly enough but as we have been busier than expected it means that I work through my dinner break but I’m still behind on fulfilling the order that needs to be completed tonight. Mr M has a cold that progressively takes over him throughout the day so at six p.m on my orders they both go home. He wasn’t well enough and all it would mean is Mrs M would be fretting, so in the end I decided that I can and will do this on my own. Perhaps I’ll even finish early and make it home in time for a Saturday night movie. 


I put a random playlist on Spotify and kick my shoes off. The first tier of the baby shower cake is done so only two more to go! I roll out the marzipan and then lay it on top of the pink vanilla sponge. I then roll out some fondant and start to mold it into the shape of baby boots. I pick up the wooden stick I use to create different styles and soon enough shoe laces have started to take form. An hour and a half passes and the second tier is complete. I lean back in my chair and stretch my fingers, it’s when I look at my hand I remember how Harry’s lips felt against my skin and how that contact made nearly four weeks of hell just evaporate. Truth be told I haven’t been able to get him out of my mind all day, and any other day since he came to my birthday party. It feels so long ago but so much has happened in a short space of time it’s like everything is blurring together and I’m losing grip on reality. I wonder what he’s doing? Has he thought about me? I know I should be weighing up the pros and cons of getting too close and how it will feel to keep him far away, but before I know it I’ve picked up my phone and I’ve dialled his number. 


He turns up forty minutes later, A bag containing food in one hand and bottle of wine in the other. I let him inside, bolting the shop door behind us and then I lead him into the staff room where my work station is set up. On the far corner of the room is an old leather two seater settee with a television against the wall and then over to the right is the sanitised area where we can work on projects that need more time than your standard cupcakes and eclairs. It’s usually me that sits here as Mr M is prone to the occasional afternoon siesta on his dinner break so the couch comes in handy! 

Harry sits down and takes containers of Chinese food from out of the bag 

‘I wasn’t expecting you to call’ he says sincerely and I sit beside him

‘I wasn’t expecting food! You must have read my mind! But I also wasn’t expecting you to turn up if I’m honest. I’m very happy you did though’ 

He takes two mugs from off the side where the kettle is and pours some wine into them. Now he’s here my hunger has faded but I gratefully sip the Pinot. 

‘You know I’ll always be here if you need me. Did you honestly doubt it?’ 

I run my finger over the rim of the mug and then put my hand in my lap to stop me from fidgeting ‘So, no house party tonight?’ 

He finishes his drink with two gulps and pours some more. His tongue runs over his bottom lip and I feel captivated by every move he makes. It’s like I’m two people. When I’m with Richard, I’m his. At least my body is. But when I’m with Harry, this is the person my body and mind is possessed by. It all seems so clear, whilst he’s around and I can’t escape I don’t want to! The need is greater than any risk or any sin 

‘Sam, I have something I need to tell you -‘ 

‘Harry, stop. Please!’ 

He leans forward and looks at me confused 

‘There’s absolutely nothing you need to tell me. When it comes to you and I, I’m getting tired of the drama and the complications!’ I stand up and so does he, although we both keep our distance. My breathing has quickened and he looks at me with an intensity I haven’t felt since that night back in the hotel room. I compose myself and proceed with what I have to say ‘I am getting married. End of. That is how my story will end. And whatever it is you need to tell me, just please, don’t! Every opportunity we have had to steal a moment of what could be has been tainted with upset and regret! It has to stop’ 

He sends the mug shattering to the floor but I don’t move ‘Sam, I do not understand you! You ask me here and then make out I’m the head fuck? Have you heard yourself -?’ I step over the shattered pieces of porcelain and close the gap between us 

‘Haven’t you heard me at all Harry? Yes, I am tired of the drama and the complications! But ....’ he stays still as my hand lightly strokes the skin beneath his T shirt. His stomach is as hard as stone but I can feel him reacting to my fingertips as they move over his body ‘I am telling you what I need’ My lips kiss the shallow of his neck and then move to his jawline ‘I am telling you what I want. Not being able to have each other doesn’t come with a full list of limitations’ 

His hand grasps my ponytail and he gently tugs so I am forced to break the contact and look at him. He looks at me with pained desire and I literally don’t know if this is the point he tells me no. But no will not do! There’s a painful yearning within the depths of my muscles and if this is the only way he can release me of this forbidden pain then I will not deny myself of him anymore! ‘Tell me you don’t want me’ I challenge and his jaw clenches. He keeps a firm grip on my hair as his other hand moves to the front of my blouse. I try to move so his lips will be on mine but he keeps me in place so all I can do is watch as he slowly opens the buttons one by one. The torture intensifying when his fingers make faint contact with the skin on my chest and yet he still won’t kiss me 

‘Harry -‘ I try and push away from him but this is when I finally get what I’ve been longing for. He lets go of my ponytail, pulling out the hair tie as he does so and releasing my hair so it cascades down my back. He trails his lips over my neck and collarbone as he slowly peels off my blouse and then it falls to the floor as he nips at my skin. I lean my head on his chest and my hands hold his biceps as his fingers work down my spine until they reach my bra fastening. I’m impressed with how quickly he opens the clasp and I almost wonder how many times before he’s done it but that would take me away from this moment and I don’t want that! His fingers move further until they reach my waist band and he slowly pulls down the zip 

‘Samantha’ his hands are in my hair and his lips are at my ear ‘I know you want to take control’ he drops to his knees and my hands lean on his shoulders. My lips part as I watch him slowly pull at my skirt and my breath feels like it’s leaving my body in small bursts. I step out of the material but I never lose contact with him, I cannot take my eyes off him. His hands hold my ankles in place as he kisses my calves and slowly starts the descent upwards and I desperately try to stay still but I can’t. His fingers skim over the most sensitive area that reacts on demand and he grasps my hipbones. His lips leaving my skin so we now make eye contact ‘I need control of you Sam, without it I’m scared I’ll become too dependant. Please, let me have control’ 

Right now I can’t say anything, too frightened that anything I will say will ruin this. So I give him silent permission to own what feels like is rightfully his. 


It feels like we spend hours exploring each other, almost like it’s the first time but finally we have to stop. He sits on my work chair in his boxer shorts and I sit on his lap wearing the white T shirt he was wearing earlier. He watches me as I hold a piece of fondant in my hand and gradually mold it into an alphabet cube 

‘I bet your customers would love to know where your hands have been’ he teases and I nudge him with my elbow 

‘Stop! I washed and sanitised’ I reply defensively and he grins. His arms are wrapped around my waist and he leans his chin on my shoulder, all the time never letting go of me, even when I have to reach over for more icing. 

He kisses the inside of my wrist as I work and I kiss the end of his nose which he scrunches up after I do so 



He hesitates and then pulls me closer to him ‘Can I ask you something?’ 

I put down the fondant and turn in his lap ‘Ok?’ 

He caresses my check and I close my eyes ‘Please don’t fuck him after you’ve made love to me’ 

My mouth falls open and he grins ‘Harry!’ 

He sighs and his fingers slowly run up and down my thigh ‘I know there are parts of yourself you will have to give him, but please, just not after me. I want to know that you’re still thinking of me when you go home’ I put head on his shoulder and he holds me a little tighter 

‘Can I ask you something?’ He nods and I trace the tattoo on his forearm 

‘Are you healthy?’ He tenses so I sit up 

‘What do you mean?’ 

I try and find the words carefully ‘Well when you said you had something to tell me earlier I realised after I shouldn’t have been so dismissive incase it was you trying to reach out and tell me you had ... you know ...’ 

‘Relapsed?’ He asks and I nod. His face softens with concern for me which makes me so sad that even in a situation where he can’t put me first, he is 

‘I haven’t relapsed, I promise. I’m ok. I can’t even remember what I was going to say, I do know it couldn’t have been important’ 

I sigh with relief and then leave a gentle kiss on his left cheek where his dimple is 

‘I adore you Samantha’ 

‘I adore you Harry’ 


It’s after midnight when I get in so I try and be as quite as possible. As I’m hanging up my coat Richard calls from the living room


I walk into the room and take a sip of the whiskey he’s holding to mask the smell of wine ‘Did they come?’

I gulp far too quickly and start to splutter ‘what?’ 

‘The people who ordered the cake? I presumed that’s why you stayed so late! People are so inconsiderate!’ He says with annoyance and I catch my breath even though I honestly feel like I’m about to have a heart attack! ‘Oh! No, it was my fault. I’m really tired which makes me work at an extra slow pace. It’s been a long day that’s all’ 

He whoops at the television as a boxer lands a KO and I start backing out of the room ‘I’m just going for a shower, can I get you anything?’ 

He’s still engrossed in the match so I linger until he finally answers 

‘No thanks babe, I’ll be up in a bit’ 


After a shower I get into my pyjamas and climb into bed. Richard is still downstairs so I turn on my phone to check for messages 



*The worst torture is knowing you are on the other side of the wall. Within my reach but still so far. When can I see you again?*


I hold my phone against my chest and smile 


*I can get away for an hour tomorrow?* 



*perfect! Goodnight Sam x* 


*Goodnight Harry x* 


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