Just A Daydream

I'll probably end up putting some of my poetry on here. They're all just my random thoughts.


1. The Whisperers

There are whisperers wherever you go.

You can’t escape them.

They slink through the streets;

They creep through the school hallways.

They’re monsters,

And they’re everywhere.


They can destroy you,

They can tear you to shreds,

Yet, all they do is whisper.

Whisper about you.

Whisper words that can kill you from the inside.

Whisper horrible things that can never be taken back.



These aren’t the sort of monstrosities you’d expect.

They’re ordinary people,

Just like anybody else,

That whisper.

Whisper until rumors and lies have spread

As quickly as melted butter,

And it’s impossible to clean up.

Still, they go on,

Uncaring of the hearts that can shatter

If the whispers were spoken.


If you think you’re not a whisperer,

You’re a liar.

Everyone is.

That’s the worst part about them.

You’re a whisperer.

I’m a whisperer.

Everyone around us is a whisperer.

They plague our world like a terrible disease.


We’re all doomed to the same fate,

We’ve all been wounded by the same knife

Just to turn around and stab someone else.

It’s an endless cycle.

So why don’t you think about that

The next time you whisper?

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