Just A Daydream

I'll probably end up putting some of my poetry on here. They're all just my random thoughts.


2. Just A Daydream


I like to imagine

That it’s more than

Just a daydream,

It’s a prophesy.


I see myself,

Saying all the things

I’ve never had the courage to say,

All the things trapped inside me.

I open my mouth,

And somehow the words of my heart

Find a way to escape.


I see my friends,

And they understand.

They know my secrets

And they don’t care.

They stay by my side

Through the good and the bad.


I see my world,

How I can rule it,

And everything’s at my disposal.

How I influence everything

With all I do.

How I’m important.


I see you,




For the rest of our lives

And everything works out

And fits into place

Just because we’re together.


I tell myself

That I’ve received

A glimpse of the future,

A vision,

But I know

It’s just a daydream.

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