Brendon Urie was fine, just a guy living on his own, waiting for the sky to fall, when he met the woman who would change it all. With velvet lips, and the eyes to pull him in, they both knew Josh would already win. God, was he original sin. They dated, deeply in love with each other, for a few years and finally decided to get married, to finally show their true love for each other. After their wedding, everything seems to be going perfectly, until one day, it turns out Josh is pregnant. Suddenly the stress of family life kicks in and it's hard for the young couple to handle. Can their relationship survive all this stress? Will the baby be as ugly as his mother? Will he have his father's gorgeous fivehead? Discover this and more in "Brendun."

***This is a joke fanfic so please don't take any of the seriously***
Enjoy! :D


1. The News

"Brendon!!!" Josh called frantically. He sounded surprised, and a little upset. Brendon didn't reply. "Brendon! Please come here, it's important." Downstairs he could hear Brendon and his big forehead sigh and start walking upstairs towards the bathroom. When he opened the bathroom door, he saw his ugly wife sitting on the bathroom floor, looking rather distressed. 

Brendon leaned down and brushed his wife's messy, faded red hair out of his face. "What's wrong my love?" he said sounding genuinely worried. Josh blinked and emo tears dripped down his emo face. He wiped his eyes, leaving streaks of wet makeup all over his (emo) face.

"B-Brendon." He held up a pregnancy test. It was positive.

"Does that mean that you're..."

"Yes, I'm pregnant."

Brendon didn't know how to react. He had so many emotions built up inside him at the same time.

"That's... That's good. Is that good? What does this mean for us? Can we handle a baby?"

"I don't know, Bren..."

"Josh," Brendon said, putting his hands on his wife's shoulders, "You know, I hate it when you call me that, please don't."

Josh rolled his eyes, then focused them on Brendon, forming a bit of a dirty grin. "Okay, Brendon."

"But besides that," Brendon continued, "We'll get through this. Together."



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