Six Feet Under

Cardi is a stripper at the Mod Club. She grew up pretty poor but not on food stamps. Her parents had just enough money to pay rent, food, and one pair of shoes per year for Cardi and her sister, Normani. Things weren't always easy growing up in Brooklyn, New York, but Cardi's family made do with what they had. After saving up for years and years, Cardi finally raised enough to move to Los Angeles after her high school graduation and pay for the first month's rent on a run down, one bedroom apartment. It wasn't much to the naked eye, but to Cardi, it was everything. However, as she began to settle into her new lifestyle living in Los Angeles, her first month was coming to an end and she needed rent money. Being right out high school, she had no job experience and couldn't get hired anywhere. So she gave up the desk job life and went to drastic measures, stripping. Cardi got hired on the spot and threw herself into making that shmoney. UMM IM OUTTA SPACE JUST READ IT XO

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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