Life is a, Pitch

So you'd expect this to be about a girl who likes to wear makeup and loves the colour pink, and will gush over the most recent "hottest" boyband in my school, 5 seconds of summer.

Well . . . I'm not that average girl. I play fastball. Baseball is my life. I happen to be the, star pitcher and assistant captain. My beautiful bestfriend Ashley is my back catcher.

Everything was perfect. On my way to become a pro, my bestfriend by my side. but then he came and messed it up...


1. The Game

*Kayla's P.O.V.*

"Come on Kayla!" I heard my bestfriend Ashley yell behind the plate. There was 2 outs, the count was 2 balls and 2 strikes. I set for my wind up. I push off, and throw.


"god dammit, Kayla." I say under my breath

3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs. "Come on Kayla you got this just breath" I though to myself. Wind up. Push off. Let it go. I threw a fastball.



"We did it!" Ashley screamed at me, while ripping her mask off and jumping into my arms.

"Were in the Finals and off to Provencal's!" she screams again.

"I know, I almost lost it there." I let out my breath, that I didn't know I was holding in.

All of a sudden I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.

"Kayla I'm so proud of you!" I turned around and it was my bestfriend Adam.

"Holy shit Adam you scared me!"

"Sorry." he says with a smile. "looks like your going to provincials."

"I know right! When we go, there is gonna be collage scouts, and I'm hoping they will come and watch me pitch." I said with excitement.

"Your coming to my game tomorrow right?" he asks as we walk to his car. Adam just got his license and his dad bought him a car. My dad and his dad are partners in this big music producer business.

"Of course I am! -But are you giving me a ride home?"

"I guess I can." e say's with a smirk

"Great!" I wipe the sweat off my face an whip it on his.


"Quit your whining, you sound like a girl."

"Your a girl."

"yeah but I don't shriek like I just saw a mouse."

"Fair enough."

   * * * * * *

"Can we stop at burger king?"

"Do you always need to get burger king after your game?"

"What? I get hungry."

he laughs "Ok, I'm a little hungry my self."

after about another 10 minutes, we pull into the drive way.

"What do you want?"

"Large Cheese burger, with no mustard, and a medium coke."

"Holy ok."

I roll my eyes. As he was taking his order, I decided to pull out my phone. I have a message.

Its from my dad.

"Hey, kiddo! did you win your game?"

I smiled and started to type.

"yeah dad I won my game. I'm on my way home, just getting something to eat with Adam."

"Ok. Hey! I have a surprise for you when you get home!"

"What is it?"

"You have to find out, that's the point of a surprise :)."

"Oh, haha I guess that makes sense."

I put my phone away and Adam hands me my food, and his while he pays. He grabbed his food. WE started for my house.

"You don't mind if I can come and sty the night do you?"

"No I don't mind." I pause "is it your dad?"


*Adam's P.O.V.*


"Is it your dad?" She asks

"Yeah he is drinking tonight, with his friends. And I don't wanna be there when he gets all crabby when he loses the annual poker game." Kayla starts to laugh.

Man she is cute when she laughs. I've had a crush on my bestfriend in the whole world, for about a month now and I don't know when it will be the right time to tell her.

"Why you staring at me and not the road?" she broke my trance.

"OH! Sorry you just look cute when you laugh."

"Me looking cute right after a baseball game, when I'm all sweaty and dirty?"

"Yes now shut up, and eat your burger." I demanded. She starts to laugh. I think I might tell her about my feelings tonight.


*Kayla's P.O.V.*


We pull into my drive way of my HUGE house. I don't really like the hugeness though, it gets creepy when I'm home alone.

"Did you bring cloths and does your dad know that you are staying tonight?" I asked concerned. I know how his dad can get.

"Yes and yes." he said as he was getting out. I got out too. I grab my baseball bag from the back of his truck. Man I want a truck when I get my license. Adam knocks on the door. He can just go in, he doesn't need to knock. We've been bestfriends since we were born basically. But he is the shy, kind of type. Not the big shot, bad ass jock. He's sensitive and is a gentle man. My dad opens the door.

"Staying tonight Adam?" he asks

"Yeah." Adam shrugs "Dad is drinking with friends tonight."

"Oh I see, well the spare room is cleaned up and ready for you."

"Thank you Mr. Star."

"Adam it's Stan, call me Stan."

"Okay Mr- err Stan."

We walk in and Adam sets off to the kitchen, like always. I laugh a little to myself at the thought. I take off my cleats and ran up stairs to my room. I put my ball bag in my closet and was about to change out of my uniform, when I heard my dad call.

"Kayla! Can you come down here?"

"Ok, just a second."

"No now please."

"ugh what now" I thought to myself.

I quickly ran down the stairs to the kitchen. I ran into the room and when I got there, there were 4 guys. The 4 guys I don't really like. Actually I hate.

"Kayla these are my new clients."

"What! You didn't tell me you were going to manage them!"

"I didn't know how else to tell you."

"But by bringing them into my house!"

"You're house! Now look this is my house! I bought it and I worked, my ass off to buy this house! I also worked and paid for you're baseball shit!"

"Oh yeah right. SoRry!"

"Look all I'm asking you is to try and get along with them. There gonna be hanging around the house for awhile, and a lot."

"Ugh fine." His phone starts to ring. I'll be right back. He walks off.

There was silence for about a good minute and I was getting uncomfortable.

"So uh, I'm Michael." Thank god he broke the uncomfortable silence.

"This Calum, Ashton, and Luke."

"Hi." I said sounding annoyed.

"So do you and you're dad always fight like that?" I think Ashton asks.

"Yeah most of the time."

"Hey, blondie you can stop staring at her." I heard Adam say.

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