You ~ A story of jealousy

Josh loves Tyler and Tyler loves Josh... 's drumstick.


2. Heartbroken.

Josh stared at his drums, holding only one drumstick in his hand. How could Tyler have done that to him?

His stomach growled with hunger, but he wouldn't be allowed to eat anything they had since all of their food was purchased with the band's money and he wasn't in the band. That also meant he couldn't be in that hotel room, or sitting at his drum set. The only things left that he owned were his clothes and his drumsticks but Tyler took one, so he only had one. Actually, the shirt he was wearing said Tyler's best fren on it so he couldn't wear that. He pulled the shirt off and threw it at Tyler's door.

Tyler opened it and walked out. 

'What the frick do you-" He stopped, he seemed to be staring at Josh's chest. His face turned red and he looked away. "I- J-Josh you're not in the band, so you can't be here, get out," he demanded. 

Josh wanted to protest, but he couldn't think of anything to say, so drumstick in hand, he walked out into the hallway.

He looked back to the door. He had nowhere to go. He made his way out of the building.

It was pouring outside. He squeezed his drumstick in his hand, Tyler was probably happy that he was gone. Without Josh, he was probably partying, with the drumstick. The stupid drumstick. If it weren't for the fricking drumstick, he could be with Tyler. He could've been with Tyler. 

He looked around. There were a few shops around, but the place that looked most welcoming was the forest. Josh made his way, slowly, through the rain clenching his drumstick close.

He lay down in the soft, damp grass underneath a tree and tried to fall asleep. He couldn't, though, his mind was racing with thoughts of Tyler. The way Tyler stared at his chest, the way Tyler stared at the drumstick.

Josh looked at the drumstick in his hand. 

"What does Tyler even see in a stupid drumstick?!" he yelled, not caring who heard. That's when Josh realized, he was jealous. 

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