This story is based on the tagline: ''Honor has no place in survival'' It's for the ''Carve the Mark'' competition

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 Hashimo Nuriama was only 24 when he, along with other Japanese young boys who attended university, filed into a room and were given forms asking if they wanted to be a kamikaze. Hashimo refused. It was only him who refused to give his life in vain for the senseless war. The Japanese young man was true to himself and never wanted to become a kamikaze. But no matter what he believes in, he was told and convinced to choose the right decision. The right decision was to become a kamikaze no matter what. The kamikaze unit was formed as the last desperate move to win the war when nothing else works for the idea. The sacrifice of so many innocent men's lives was no big deal for those in command. The war should be won by all means necessary.

The other patriotic young men felt that being a kamikaze, they were doing great service to their fatherland. Hashimo knew it was a lie. A great lie,suggested by the commanders to those like him. What Hashimo has in plenty, was his pride and honor, a sense of virtue he will never use against smearing his own good name and reputation.


-I have three brothers and a sister! I cannot leave them. And my parents,too!-said Hashimo to the selecting commission

-We don't care!-one of them replied-your country needs you and it will be grateful if you protect your people

-You protected if you like it so much! I have honor! And pride!-ejaculated Hashimo

-There's no honor in survival,son!

-I am not your son! Are you sure in what you're saying? Why will I need to survive at all costs when I will lost my honor in the senseless fight,sir? Why I have to live without my good name and reputation? What kind of life for me would be that?

-We've never seen someone so stubborn like you,young boy! You are obliged to die for your nation!

-According to whom? I haven't found my life on the street to give it up so easily! I simply refuse to die because of your war! I haven't started it! Wars are always driven by greed and stupidity, gluttony as well. Millions of innocent people already have died. You will not take my life away for me, my family needs me, I have a future in front of me when I graduate from university!

-I don't have nerves anymore! Put him in jail!-said one of the selecting staff and the guards took Hashimo away.

His family learned the news the next day.

Being later in exile, Hashimo became the first soldier who refused to become a kamikaze,just because someone had said so. He refused to be obedient to the rules,created by the Big war. Hashimo was the first one to think and to say out loud''I will not die for the Divine Wind for no real reason'' and the first among many who didn't believed in the sentence:''Honor has no place in survival'' ,not only during the war but throughout his whole heroic life.

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