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  • Published: 19 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 20 Feb 2017
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For I do not know him anymore. I wish..... for him to just come back to me.


1. The End

I've been given the power to heal. My brother, the power to cause pain.

I don't know him any more.

For he is not the one I once loved.


Fields full of rare flowers; and rare animals. A Moonlight bird flew from it's nest. An arrow shot. It didn't kill the bird but instead wounded it. It shall suffer more. I ran to it; I can't use my power, for I may hurt it more. My brother, Siha, came over. He placed his hand over the young bird. It died. It's beautiful moonlight feathers died out of light. "I can not heal it, for that is you duty. I killed it, making sure it won't suffer any longer." He had said with sorrow in his voice.


Here he is now; making sure they all die slowly. You are not the one I once knew! I got my sword. I swing it, for I know nothing about the sword. For I just want him dead! My eyes went wide, for there was a blade that cut through me. No! He looked at me. My eyes teared up. Why? Just kill me already! Brother! And he killed me instantly. Thank you. For I did not want to suffer so much when I die. Thank you, big brother. Thank....


I have died on the day of the red moon.

I will come back.......... some day.


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