The day I first met you

Katlyn was like any normal girl until she met Ashton irwin and he turned her life upside down and totally flipped her world around


1. chapter 1

I wake up to my alarm going off knowing tomorrow is the big the day I get to see 5 seconds of summer oh and I'm Katlyn I'm 20 years old and I love 5 seconds of summer but Ashton irwin is everything to me and I finally get to see him tomorrow which is my dream. I get out of bed and out on black skinny jeans and a blink 182 shirt i then head down stairs and make some pancakes well i check twitter then text my bestfriend koda

( Kk- koda k - Katlyn )

K- hey ready for tomorrow i can't wait to see them backstage

Kk - i know right Ashton and Luke are gonna be so hot i mean they all will be but mostly luke an Ashton

K- true enough what time are you piling me up tomorrow

Kk- I'll pick you up around uhh 9 because I wanna be there early to get pictures with them

K - okay see you then

For the rest of the day i just ate pizza and I watched movies waiting for it to get late so I could go to bed i ended off the day with a shower and soon got into bed thinking about how great tomorrow was goin to be

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