Miraculous Vixen

The true owner of the Fox Miraculous has appeared, but Vixen isn't keen on playing with the other superheroes. Meanwhile, a new girl has appeared at Marinette's school. Riven Elliot was once the lead singer of Paris' most popular pop group, The Face Cards. Due to a rather public humiliation from her bandmates, however, she left to become a normal girl. Dealing with adoring fans and crushes is easy when compared to saving the world.


1. Crushendo

Ladybug grunted as she was flung up against the nearby wall. She listened as Cat Noir landed beside her.

"M'Lady," he helped her to her feet, "are you all right?"

"Fine," she sighed, "I'm more annoyed than anything."

"Yeah," the leather clad hero scowled as he turned to face their opponent, "is this seriously the best Hawk Moth could come up with today?"

Their enemy, a man calling himself Crushendo, had been akumatized by their arch nemesis when he showed rage and loss after losing his solo spot in the opera to a newbie. His trumpet canon had been causing problems all over Paris and was beginning to give Cat Noir and Ladybug a run for their money.

"What's the matter, heroes," Crushendo smirked, "can't hear the music? Maybe I should play a little louder for you."

Raising his trumpet to his lips, the villain delivered a blasting high note in their direction. Acting quickly, Ladybug twirled her yo-yo in attempts to create a shield. Cat Noir's ears twitched as a new sound reached them. It wasn't the brashness of the trumpet, rather the silky melody of a flute.

A small ripple of sound waves collided with Crushendo's, sending them flying harmlessly in different directions.

The villain snarled, "Who dares?!"

A flash of orange and a new figure appeared before the dynamic duo. She was tall, closer to Cat Noir in height than Ladybug, with flowing orange hair that hung freely about her waist. Her white bangs had been swept off to one side, nearly covering her blazing violet eyes. Like Ladybug, her uniform was a simple, form fitting thing. The majority of the body was a dark orange with a white stomach, black gloves and boots, and an orange eye mask. A thick black choker was fastened around her neck, the pendant resembling a curled fox tail.

"Vulpina," Ladybug growled, "it can't be!"

"Hate to burst your bubble, Ladybug," the stranger turned to send a glare in her direction, "but I'm not Vulpina."

Cat tilted his head in confusion, trying to figure out who this new player was.

"It doesn't matter how many supers you bring into the game," Crushendo snarled, raising his trumpet, "the end result will always be the same."


Miles away in his secret lair, the evil Hawk Moth's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"That's not possible," he shivered with excitement, "but it's not unwelcome," a glowing butterfly mask hovered over his face, sending his telepathic message to his villain, "Crushendo! That girl has the fox Miraculous! Bring it to me along with Ladybug and Cat Noir's!"


"Yes, Hawk Moth."

"Hang on," the new girl said, lifting her flute to her lips, "this is going to get loud!"

Cat and Ladybug quickly covered their ears as the two musicians sent a single droning note towards each other. Crushendo struggled to hold his High C while this new hero easily belted out a High G. The screech coming from the orange metal flute tore right through Cat and Ladybug's hands, stinging their eardrums despite trying to protect them. The sound waves slammed against one another, Crushendo's purple vs the newcomer's orange. Cat winced as they tried to raise their notes.

"I don't think she can hold out much longer, M'Lady!"

"I think you're right," Ladybug nodded, readying her yo-yo, "Lucky Charm!"

Hearts seemed to pour from her weapon as a small object fell into her hands. It resembled the shape of a radish and seemed to be made of rubber.

"A trumpet mute," she glanced up at her partner, "how are we supposed to get near him to use it?"

She glanced around in panic, noticing how her eyes focused on the mute, Crushendo's trumpet cannon, and Cat Noir's staff.

"That's it," she smiled, "Cat! Batter up!"

Quickly realizing her plan, Cat smirked and readied himself. Throwing the mute into the air, Ladybug knelt down and covered her ears. Cat swung once the object was in reach, sending it soaring towards Crushendo. It lodged itself into the bell of his trumpet, stopping his music at once. The flute player released the breath she had been using, panting heavily as the villain coughed due to the abrupt blockage of his note coupled with the force of the trumpet being slammed against his teeth.

"What the," he snarled, glancing down at the mute, "how dare you!"

"Sorry Crushendo," the newcomer snarled, raising her flute once more, "but it's time for the show stopper! Vulpine Melody!"

Cat Noir and Ladybug watched in shock as four more orange haired girls in skin tight suits seemed to melt out of her. They ran around until Crushendo was completely surrounded. Raising their flutes to their lips, they glared and prepared their notes. The first heroine played the note, sending a sound wave crashing into Crushendo's back and causing him to stumble forward with a grunt of pain. As he turned to throw a punch at his attacker, another heroine played yet another note. This continued, a beautiful melody slapping the villain around like a leaf caught in the wind.

Ladybug couldn't believe her eyes. Here was someone who obviously carried a Miraculous, yet she had believed that last time and it turned out to be an Akumatized victim. How could she be so sure this wasn't another one of Hawk Moth's tricks? Cat, on the other hand, was trying hard not to sway his head to the beautiful melody.

Suddenly, on the last note, all five heroines released a single note of varying tones. Crushendo was caught between the sound waves, his arms pinned painfully to his sides. Blinking in surprise, Ladybug swung her yo-yo and wrapped it around the man's trumpet. As it came flying towards them, Cat broke it in half with a mighty swing of his staff. A small black butterfly fluttered out of the broken bell, flying away as fast as it could.

"No more evildoing for you, little Akuma," Ladybug smirked, twirling her glowing yo-yo elegantly about her body, "time to de-evilize!"

The yo-yo soared through the air, snapping around the butterfly and bringing it back to its wielder.

"Got'cha," she smiled, pressing the top of the yo-yo to release the now white insect, "bye bye, little butterfly."

Cat glanced over as Ladybug picked up the mute and threw it into the air.

"Miraculous Ladybug!"

"Well done," the newcomer said flatly, noticing how the tiny hearts fixed the trumpet as well as any property damage caused by their battle, "Looks like you didn't really need me."

"Don't be ridiculous," Cat smiled, approaching her, "we couldn't have done this without you."

"Yeah," the pair turned in surprise at Ladybug's accusing tone, "pretty lucky you were nearby to help us out."

Cat rolled his eyes, "Not again.

"So who are you?"

She shrugged, "You can call me Vixen."

"Vixen huh," the red clad superhero took a threatening step closer, "what's your Miraculous?"

"My choker," she said, showing the golden charm, "what else?"

"What's your power?"

"Are you blind," Vixen snarled, "it's obviously sound waves and clones!"

"Not illusions?"

"I guess my clones count as illusions," she shrugged and turned to the other four girls, who had fallen into a straight line and hadn't moved, "but they're pretty solid."

With a snap of her fingers, the clones disappeared in small clouds of orange smoke.

"Where have you been all this time," Ladybug asked poking the girl's chest, "why haven't you helped out before?"

"Hey," she leaped back at the girl's sudden hostility, "I didn't have to help at all, but my Kwami said this is my destiny," with a snarl, she turned her back on the pair, "I told her this was a bad idea. I came down to help you two out and instead I get interrogated! For someone who saves the world on a daily basis," she glared over her shoulder at a suddenly ashamed Ladybug, "you're not very trusting, are you? I mean, I get that foxes are usually depicted as sly and untrustworthy, but I thought you of all people would give me a chance."


"I should have known this was a two hero town," she scoffed, "don't expect me to help again."

And with that, she raised her flute to her lips and rode away on a sound wave.

As the last of her notes faded away into the distance, Cat turned to give his partner a sad sigh, "She's right you know. I mean, I know Vulpina ended up being our enemy, but that doesn't mean Vixen is. You shouldn't have jumped down her throat like that."

Ladybug didn't answer him, rather she gazed off towards the area where the fox heroine had vanished.


Marinette panted as she passed through the school doors just as the bell rang.

"Dang girl," she turned in surprise as a familiar face smiled down at her, "you've been cutting it close lately."

"Sorry," the black haired girl smiled, "alarm clock didn't go off."

In reality, Marinette had stopped to catch some bank robbers as Ladybug. But she certainly wasn't about to tell Alya that. She couldn't, after all.

"Again," the brown haired girl rolled her eyes, "you need a new clock."

As Marinette gave a small chuckle, Nathan rushed past her into the school with a wide smile on his face.

"Sorry Marinette," he called over his shoulder, "see you in class!"

"What's the rush," she shrugged, turning to her best friend, "you'd think there was a celebrity in school."

"There is," Alya chuckled, pulling out her phone, "didn't you hear?"

"What?! Who?"

"It's Riven Elliot," Alya squealed, "you know, from the Face Cards?"

"Riven Elliot," Marinette squealed with joy, jumping up and down, "the lead singer from my favorite pop band?!"

"Ex-lead singer," Alya sighed, "remember? The Face Cards kicked her out. Publicly."

Marinette winced, "Oh right. I remember seeing that on the news. They said she was pretty mean."

Alya nodded, "A total diva, from what I heard."

"Why is she here?"

"To attend school. Her parents are still the managers of the Face Cards, but they own a really big house here in Paris. I guess Riven said she wanted to stay here."

"So Riven Elliot is going to be our new classmate," Marinette could hardly hold in her excitement, "diva or not, that's going to be so cool!"

"I want to get her opinions on Ladybug for my Ladyblog," Alya smiled, grabbing her friend's hand and dragging her towards the lockers, "come on, girl!"

Marinette giggled as she was yanked towards a large crowd of people. Among them she noticed Chloe, Sabrina, Nino, and...ADRIEN! The teen felt her legs turn into jelly as Alya pulled her closer and closer to the crowd as well as her blonde haired crush.

"Hey Marinette," he turned to flash his dazzling smile in her direction, "Alya. Isn't this cool?"

Trying hard to fight the blush, Marinette glanced past the crowd at the tall girl currently digging in her locker. She had long black hair which she let hang freely about her waist and nicely tanned skin. Her back was to Marinette, so she wasn't sure what color her eyes were. Her outfit was completely black; jacket, bustier, skirt, fishnets, even her studded boots. She wore a silver bracelet with matching earrings and seemed to carry herself with a sense of pride.

"I like her outfit," Marinette commented, "very edgy."

"She looks really cool," Adrien nodded in agreement, "doesn't seem like a diva."

Suddenly, she slammed her locker shut and turned to face the crowd which had gathered around her with a pair of blazing emerald eyes. Marinette blinked as she noticed the faded orange highlights which had been added to her bangs. Around her neck was a thick black choker bearing a fox tail pendant. She gasped; fox tail pendant!? But that's impossible!

"Excuse me, Ms. Elliot," Alya pushed her way forward, her phone already recording, "may I welcome you to our quaint little school?"

Riven shrugged, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring into the camera.

"What do you think about Paris? You glad to be home after your year long tour? What do you think of Ladybug and Cat Noir?"

Riven's glare deepened as she sighed, "Paris is my home. I'm glad to be back. And I don't get the hype about Ladybug and Cat Noir."

The crowd gasped, taking a step backwards.

"How can you say that," Alya asked, "Cat Noir and Ladybug have saved us countless times from the forces of evil."

"And I appreciate that and I appreciate what they do, don't get me wrong," the black haired girl sighed, "I just don't appreciate the pedestal Paris has put them on."

"Judging by that necklace, I take it you're a fan of Paris' newest superhero," Alya zoomed in on the pendant, "right?"

"This old thing," Riven glanced down and rolled her eyes, "my parents gave it to me as a gift before leaving to finish the Face Cards' tour."

"So you had no idea it's just like Vixen's necklace?"

She shrugged, "All I know is that these necklaces have become a huge hit on the internet," she pulled out her phone and quickly found an add on eBay, "see? You can get them for fifteen bucks."

Marinette sighed. Of course this girl wasn't Vixen.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!"

The crowd parted as a tall boy with tan skin and dark brown eyes. His black hair had been brought up into a sharp quiff, the ends dyed a deep golden color. Riven raised a questioning eyebrow as he approached her.

He glanced down at her, "Excuse me?"

"Sorry pal," she sighed, "I don't give autographs anymore."

"What," he blinked in confusion, pointing to the wall behind her, "I'm just trying to get to my locker."

"Oh," she exclaimed, quickly moving to the side, "sorry about that."

"Hey, no problem," he said, giving her a soft smile, "but why would I want your autograph? You famous or something?"

"Seriously Kim," the pair turned in surprise as a blonde girl snickered cruelly, "have you been living under a rock or something? That's Riven Elliot! You know, lead singer of the Face Cards?"

"Ex lead singer," Riven scowled, "and it's all right if he doesn't know me. We weren't that popular."

"Not popular," the blonde shrieked, "pu-lease! The Face Cards ranked number one on the pop charts for the past four years! You're a music sensation!"

"Was a music sensation."

"You're a pop singer," the boy, Kim, turned towards Riven with another kind smile, "no wonder I haven't heard of you. I listen to rock music."

Riven shrugged, "To each their own."

"What she means is only an uneducated imbecile can't appreciate the sound of good music," the blonde smirked as she draped her arm around the taller girl's shoulders, "right, Rivy?"

"It's Riven and that's not what I mean."

"See Kim?"

"I'm sorry," Riven backed away from the clinging girl in disgust, "but who are you?"

"Chloe Bourgeois," she replied with a flick of her ponytail, "daughter of Mayor Bourgeois and your biggest fan."

"Hate to burst your bubble, Chloe but I don't have fans anymore. Don't you watch the news?"

Kim raised a curious eyebrow, wondering just what had happened to this fallen star. Max, his best friend, noticed his look and gently pulled him away from the crowd and into an empty classroom.

"She seems kind of bitter," Kim noted, "care to catch me up, bud?"

"Of course," the shorter boy nodded, quickly pulling out his phone and cuing up a video, "this short video should explain everything."

Taking a seat at one of the desks, Kim propped the phone up against his backpack and leaned in to listen to the reporter on screen.

"Heartbreak gripped the world today as the Queen of the Face Cards, Riven Elliot, was kicked out of the band," the scene changed to a short video showing Riven standing against three boys in front of a large crowd of people, "we bring you the confrontation between Riven and the rest of the Face Cards."

"You're nothing but a diva," the lead boy scowled, shoving his finger into her chest, "not only are you super bossy, but you actually have the nerve to talk about your own friends behind their backs!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Riven pleaded, glancing to the other members of her band for assistance, "Duke! Gerard! Please tell me you don't believe him."

The other boys merely glared.

"You can't lie your way out of this one, Riven," the lead boy smirked, crossing his arms triumphantly, "we've taken a vote and decided that you are no longer a member of the Face Cards!"

The clip stopped on Riven's horrified face, cutting back to the reporter, "We've just received confirmation from Riven's parents, the managers of the Face Cards, that she is indeed officially cut from the band. Millions of fans weep today, and we all wonder which direction this new boy band will head without their Queen."

"Enjoy the show?"

The boys glanced up in surprise to see a glaring Riven leaning in the doorway, her arms crossed tightly across her chest.

"That's old news," she continued as Max quickly tried to hide his phone, "Don't worry, I'm not upset."

"You're not," Max asked hesitantly, "but I thought-"

"That I was some total diva who would have bitten the head off of anyone who threatened her social image or brought up her past?"

"W-well I-"

"Don't sweat it," her features softened into a small smile, "despite what the Cards might say, I don't do that."

Kim met her gaze, smiling softly, "So you didn't talk about those guys behind their backs?"

She shook her head, "I cherish all my friendships. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize them."

The tall boy nodded, flinching as the bell rang, "Oh crap! We're so late!"

The trio ran from the room towards their English class.


"So you're a fan of Jagged Stone," Riven smiled as she left the school alongside Kim, "I actually opened for him once."

"Really," he smiled widely, "did you get to meet him?"

"Oh yeah," she chuckled, "he invited me and the boys to dinner one time, and his crocodile Fang actually ate the tablecloth! He pulled all our dishes onto the floor!"

The pair laughed as they reached the bottom of the steps.

"So where you heading?"

"My house is over by the mayor's hotel," Riven sighed, "what about you?"

"I've got soccer practice," Kim shrugged, "say, why don't you come watch? We could get some dinner afterwards."

"She's busy," Chole chuckled as she suddenly appeared, draping her arms around the black haired girl's shoulders, "with me."

"I am?"

"She is?"

"Duh! Remember Rivy," Chloe chuckled, pulling the taller girl away from the jock, "daddy invited you to our hotel for dinner."

"It's Riven and no I don't recall receiving an invitation to dinner from the mayor."

"Well, now you have."

"And I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kindly decline," Riven smirked as she ducked out of the blonde's grip and returned to Kim's side, "It would appear that I already have some dinner plans."

"Oh please," Chloe scowled, "you'd be getting a five star six course meal if you join us! What could this airhead afford, pizza?"

Kim glanced towards the ground in shame.

"I love pizza," he blinked in surprise as Riven smiled up at him, "and I know the perfect parlor here in town."

He smiled back, taking a step back to give an over exaggerated bow and offer his arm to her, "Shall we, madame?"

Chuckling, she curtsied back, "Indeed we shall, good sir."

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