Unspoken Love

Lex has been in love with her roommate Robinson since about the day she met him. Both are struggling to find a solid career after college and feel that they have only one another to rely on. Lex doesn't want to ruin this friendship by admitting her true feelings to Robinson, so she stays quiet, single, and hopelessly in love.
*Valentine's Day Competition*


1. One:

“You really should stop eating junk,” Robinson says to me, nodding at the McDonald’s bag that I’ve just placed on the coffee table. I roll my eyes at him, taking the seat next to him on our small couch that we had found on the sidewalk a few months back.

 Of course, there’s no way that we can afford much more. The new McDonald’s promotion means that we can both eat dinner for six dollars total. That’s a big deal when you’re a graduated film student who can’t find a “real job” anywhere. Robinson takes the fries out of the bag anyways.

Robinson and I were both looking for 1) a place to live after graduation, 2) a job, and 3) a roommate for said place to live. We had never officially met one another, but over the course of my four years at university, we had two classes together. He was also a film student.

Now, however, we no longer have the luxury of living in dorms with our friends, and instead we’re struggling to keep our heads above the water with rent, bills, and trying to find jobs that prove that sixty-thousand dollars in student loans were worth it all. Until then, Robinson works as a cashier at a gas station and I work in a convenience store.

“Lex?” he says, pulling me back into reality, even if I hadn’t really escaped it in the first place. “Are you going to eat?”

I nod, pulling my chicken nuggets and fries out of the bag, and smile at him. Robinson is cute – there’s no denying it. His hair is brown and shaggy, which means that he always looks like he needs a haircut, even when he’s just gotten one. His eyes are a light blue color, which he says had him convinced that his parents had adopted him – because they both have brown eyes – until he properly learned about genetics in high school.

The problem with Robinson is that other girls know that he’s cute, too. When we’re out grocery shopping (rare), at dinner (rarer, unless we count McDonalds), or, really, anywhere, girls will flirt with him nonstop. Sometimes, they’ll think that I’m his girlfriend and still try to get him to go out on a date with him, which infuriates me to no end.

“Why don’t you ever go out with any of them?” I had asked him once. Sure, we didn’t exactly have a lot of money, but he could dip into the savings we both had for when we finally do get jobs, if he had wanted to take any of these girls on a date.

“Not interested in any of them,” he’d replied to me, shrugging.

“What are you interested in?” I’d been hoping that he’d tell me that it was me he was interested in. Of course, compared to the girls who constantly flirted with him, I was plain. Muted hair color, round face, pretty short. Plain. Not ugly, by any means, but not pretty either.

“Someone with interests closer to mine. And who doesn’t wear so much makeup,” I’d laughed. For as long as I’d known Robinson, he’d always shown a distaste for girls who wore lots of makeup. Maybe that’s why I never wore a lot.

“How was work?” he asks me now.

I roll my eyes again. “I hate it. I just want to be in LA.” We’ve fantasized about moving to Los Angeles often. That’s what we’re saving up for. Either one of us will get a job there and we’ll move there for that, or we’ll move there when we have the money and we can look for jobs there. My heart always flutters when Robinson talks about LA. Because he always says that we’re going to go together.

He takes a bite of his cheeseburger, and sighs. “We’ll be there someday. Someone will love your scripts and then I’ll direct the movie and we’ll make it big.” He smiles and pokes me in the side. His smile is infectious, so of course I grin back at him. “Don’t worry,” he says, more quietly now. “We’ll be there.” 

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