Close your eyes


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Close your eyes,

and just imagine.

Imagine yourself on soft sand,

sinking right in,

sun glimmering on the water ahead of you.

Imagine the sea swallowing the water ahead of you,

you get up from the silky sand,

but don't seem to worried

and brush the sand out of your hair.

Imagine you then see something in the distance.



Close your eyes,

and just imagine,

a blue wave that stretches,

stretches for miles and miles across the sea,

rolling, rolling,

rolling towards you,

higher, higher,

the wave comes by.

Imagine hearing people running away,


but why are they screaming?

Just imagine,

a giant wave,

a tsunami,

has rolled in to engulf the coast settlement.


Close your eyes,

and just imagine,

how would you have reacted if you,

could actually see?




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