The Stripe

Everyone has a stripe on their wrist.

Everyone knows it's the color of their soulmate's hair.

How in the world is Tyler going to find someone with pink hair?


1. Pink

The stripe on Tyler Joseph's wrist is bright, cotton candy pink. His mom swears it used to be brown but it's been pink for as long as he can remember. Tyler wishes it was still brown.

Brendon says he's lucky. His stripe used to be black but it turned brown. He says everyone has brown hair.

But nobody has pink hair. No boys at least.

If anyone is lucky, it's Troye. Troye's stripe is bleach blonde. It's not so rare he'll never find who he's looking for but it's rare enough that he'll know it's his soulmate when he sees him.

Tyler hates his stripe and he hates the person who dyed their hair bright, cotton candy pink.

I know I have a ton of stories that I need to update but I couldn't not do this.

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