Color Full

In a world where color cannot be seen until one makes eye contact with their soulmate, Joey Graceffa dyes his hair different colors, even though he cannot see them. He trusts his hairdresser who has found their soulmate, to choose the color. He hopes when he meets his soulmate they like his hair.
Daniel Preda likes his hair.
Kinda inspired by @YaPrtyMuch 's story The Stripe


1. Black

Joey Graceffa walks down the sidewalk, his feet making ripples in the puddles of rain beneath him. The wind is harsh and it's pouring, but he walks in only a T-shirt anyway. 

He runs his hair through his sopping wet hair. He supposes it's time for a change. 

He makes his way down the street towards the barber shop.

His hairdresser always dyes his hair a different color.

Joey can not see the color.

Joey is colorblind.

Everyone is, everyone who hasn't made eye-contact with their soulmate. 

Joey's hairdresser is married to their soulmate.

He trusts his hairdresser to dye his hair an appealing color for when he meets his soulmate.

He hopes his soulmate likes the new color.

He hopes he'll meet his soulmate soon.

Because right now the ocean is blacker than black and the sky is, too.


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