Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


1. Chapter 1-Brooklyn

Hi! Thanks for reading this book! Bolded are the author's notes. Hope you like my book! Check out my other book: Mixed Feelings as well!


I groan as my hangover hit me. My best friend, Nadia, groaned from the couch. I guess everyone feels shitty after a hangover…Oh wait. That’s why its called a hangover. Anyway, excuse my stupidity. Wait that’s hard to do…. I’m always stupid. Okay ever mind, carrying on. I turn to look at my alarm and DUN DUN DUN! IT WAS TIME FOR……S……S……sleep. That means college. I study in the University of Design. Guess what I’m studying! MATH! No, I’m kidding… Nadia broke me out of my very deep thoughts. I winced as her shout registered “ YO! JADE EYES, GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE!” Sighing, I pick up a glass of water and ask” Calm down Nadia, IM RIGHT HERE! What do you need?” She groans and says” Can you help me take my phone and please borrow me your handmade clothes for today, pleaseeeee brooks!” I Sighed and said” Here, your phone. I suppose you need me to help you match your clothes as well?” Nadia Smiled a Little and said” You are the one studying designing! Act as such!” I chuckle a bit and roll my eyes. I walk over to the closet full of the clothes I made. Feeling proud of myself, I take a black crop top that says “ Stop checking out my boobs” On the front and on the back says” Stop checking out my ass. I have a boyfriend.” Nadia will kill me but I mean, who cares! YOLO amirite! ( sorry couldn't resist) I pick out a High Waist, Striped Crop Top for myself. I walk over to my mirror and tied my blond hair in a messy ponytail. I mean, I don’t dress to impress. Unless its with my boyfriend, Jay. I grab my bag which has all I need fir school and head out.

​This was kinda a filter chapter... Hope you liked it and please comment and yadda yadda yadda.

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