She wants him. He wants her but they cant be together


1. introduction

Hi. My name is Jada and i am 16years old. I am sort of a mixture of all personality. One day i am punk next day childish and so on. Thats why i am so popular at school. I used to be a 'loser' and copy whatever someone else did but then i learnt to be yourself and became REALLY popular. My fave colours are purple and blue but i also like black and red. I am angel . Long story short . My parents and brother died in a plane crash on their way to Miami for holiday while i stayed at home grounded(another long story). When a man came to tell me, he gave me a letter that was on my parents addressed to me. It said...

Dear Jada

This letter was kept on us at all time just in case we died and we were able to tell you the following...

1. You are an angel

2. We dont know what your powers are

3. Vampires are your enemies

Love your parents

So thats that story. I also have a best friend Chelsea . We are basically the same . We have the same personality, like the same things and both are just really childish . So thats my introduction.

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