The girliest boy in school thinks he deserves to be bullied by his classmates and mistreated by his teachers.
It isn't until Papyrus Font sticks up for him that he realizes he doesn't need to change.
There might be someone out there who loves him for who he is.
*Underswap and Human AU*
*Note: I'm aware that in the underswap AU MTT is a ghost and Blooky is a robot but since they're both humans in this story I'm keeping their original names*


1. Girly

"Mettaton, darling."

Mettaton looks up from his breakfast to look into his mother's soft blue eyes.


"Are you sure you want to wear that today?"

He looks down at his pink, puffy sweater and immediately wonders what his mother could see wrong with it.

"Yeah, why?"

"It's just a little..."

She frowns as she watches her son do the same.

"Nevermind, it's fine."

He goes back to eating his soggy cereal until the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs catches his attention.

He tenses up, hoping it's not his hungover father.

Instead, a boy his age with grayish blue eyes and messy black hair walks into the kitchen.

He walks with pride, as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Of course everyone in that house knows he has many "cares."

Napstablook's parents kicked him out when he was only thirteen because, simply, he's bisexual.

They didn't even want to have a small chance that they might, one day, have a son-in-law. (Of course, kicking their son to the curb isn't going to change anything).

"You alright, Metta?" he asks, noticing the fear in his cousin's eyes.

"Um, yeah."

"Alright, let's go."

Mettaton, being older, always drives Napstablook to school.

"Aren't you gonna have breakfast?"

He averts his eyes. "No, I'll, um, eat at school."


He follows his cousin to the car. Mettaton spends the car ride silently, focusing on the road. He's not one to make conversation and it seems like Napstablook still doesn't know how to tell him how sorry he is for everything he did in primary school.

It's fine. Mettaton doesn't expect an apology. He looks like a girl and he did back then. Nobody wants to be associated with a boy who's so girly.

He deserves to be bullied like this. Maybe someday he'll finally grow out of his girly phase and get a girlfriend or something.

He hopes so.

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