College Story

A college love story


1. Chapter 1-First day

Moses's POV
I walked into college, with a sense of excitement. I am still single an I'm desperate. Really desperate. I want to bang----No moses, focus. I check my schedule and my first class. Chemistry. I actually want to be a Chemist when I graduate. It's
my forte. As I walk to the hall, I see a couple doing some PDA in front of the door. I shield my eyes to save my eyes from the sins and walk past. I hear the girl say" Bye babe, I'm going to miss you" The boy replied" Me too babe. Bye!" The girl waves and says"Bye Adrian!I'll text you later" Adrian kisses her on the forehead and says" Bye coco, text me." He walks away to take whatever class he is going to take. As Coco walks pasts me, I hear her mumble" Advanced Mathematics my arse." I stiffle a laugh and pick a sit. Surpsingly,Coco sits next to me, asking" Do you mind if I sit here?" I turn my head to look at her and was awestruck by her beauty. She was beautiful, with her pink framed glasses, her beautiful brown eyes. I smiled at her and said" Sure." Remembering that She had a boyfriend, a weird sensation starts from my stomach, burning all the way to my heart. What is this feeling? The professor's voice cuts through my thinking" Okay class, open your notebooks. The person sitting next to you will be your partner for the year. Get your beakers. We will go through the elements again." Coco looks bored and mumbles" Oh my god, I learnt this last year." I look at her and joke" What is the show cesium and iodine love watching together?" She grins and says" What?" I say" CSI." She cracks a smile and says" That was good." I smile and the class goes by quickly.

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