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1 year ago

I was going to grade8 and was real excited. Can you believe me, ashley cortez is in grade8 now? Wow....

As i enter the halls to my new high school, i see 5 hot boys. Mmmmm....

Chads pov.

I am talking to these 5 new guys. Harry louis liam niall and zayn. They are all new. I see ashley go past us.

'She is a real cool girl,'i say pointing to ashley, her name is ashley and rumor says when you kiss her you get real horny. I kissed her once and the rumors true. She makes you feel heavenly and hungry'

'I doubt it, even i cant do that to a girl, and i am a professional flirt , says harry

'Try her,' i say

Harrys pov.

I walk up to ashley and kiss her. Wow she really does make you horny, wants to make you do it right there in the hall. She pulls away and pushes me against the locker

What do you think youre doing,' she growls.

'Feisty i like it,' i reply

She lets me go and walks away. Shes hot when shes angry. I will remember to make her angry from now on.

But looks like i have made my self an enemy.....

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