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i wrote this in 2014 please dont hate on it



Oh my god he’s sooooo hot!” Brooke screams in my ear. “I’m trying to sleep dude, shut up.’’

She shoves me “ just look please.’’ She whines. I slowly open my eyes, not prepared to have a bright screen in my face. I look closer, it's not a picture of ‘baby’ Luke, it's! She bought us tickets to go see 5 seconds of summer!

“Omg man!” She rolls her eyes ‘’stop being a tomboy, boys don't like that.’’ I hug her

‘’I don't care, I me, but OH MEH GAWD I GET TO MEET MY HUSBANDS!’’ She smiles her cheeky smile “ there's the girly side.” I hate that word- girly- I've been called that since I was born.

   Brooke and I are polar opposites, she super girly while I'm more of a boy. “ When's the concert?” I ask

“ Tomorrow, I bought tickets a while ago, but I just printed them out, front row seats.” I look at the clock, is 6 am. “ Today I correct her “ it's already 6.” She smiles, “ gotta get ready, you first.” She goes into her closet and picks a little black dress- very short. “Uh nononono.” I say looking at the dress, which is more a piece of fabric. “ I'm picking what I'm gonna wear, I promise it will be cute, promise.”

   I change into my black ripped skinny jeans, a white NIRVANA shirt, which was really hard to find, and black converse. Brooke is wearing a sparkly white tank top that's a low cut and lace in the back, a tight black mini skirt that is very shiny, and black converse that has a slight heel. Trying to copy the girl from money like me I guess. I straighten my hair and clip it out of my face. I put on some mascara (like I always do) because my eyelashes are more of a blonde color, like nialls hair. I look at myself in the mirror, I don't wear my hair down very often, it's blonde near the bottom with a dark brown at my roots, I've never dyed it, it's just natural. It's about 5 inches from my ass, I look pretty good if I do say so myself. Brooke walks back into the room, from her bathroom- she was doing her makeup “ whoa Alayna! Your hair's so long and pretty and down, are you wearing eye liner, because you did a good job if you did.





We arrive at the concert an hour later and we take our seats.”whose opening?” I ask. “Uh, Ryan Kelly” I smile “My brother is friends with him!” She shakes her head “Cool, he probably isn't even good. Oh, you even parted your hair to the side! Good Girl!” I roll my eyes “says the girl that's dressed like a more clothed slut and is wearing 10 pounds of makeup.” She ‘ughs’ me “well I HAVE to look good for the boys.”

“You're only gonna see them once!”

“Whatever” she says rolling her eyes.




After the concert, we head back stage


Its an Hourish wait- ugh. When it gets to us i start walking towards them, Brooke stops me “Hot girls first.” She kisses them all, the takes a bunch of selfies. She walks back to me “Hurry up.” I walk over to Luke he has his arms out for me to hug him. I grab his left hand with my right and do the man hug. I do the same with the other boys. “ Sorry about the last girl, she was kinda obnoxious she wants every hot guy to fall for her. She gets a new boyfriend every month, but boys lover her.” I push my hair out of my face. “What about you love?” Asks Aston.

“Well i have crushes on guys, obviously, but they dont feel the same way cause, they say i’d be like dating a guy only with female parts.” They laugh at my joke

“How could somebody not love a beautiful funny girl like you?” Flirts mikey. I blush “I don’t know- guys are soooo confusing-”

Im cut off ‘Alayna hurry up we’re going to Nandos!”

I frown “guess i have to go.” Luke looks at me “which Nandos- cos we’re going later and maybe we’ll see you if we go to the same one.”

I smile “the one down the street.”

“Sweet see ya there!” Cal says winking. I take a selfie and head towards Brooke- whose crossing her arms. “Ugh they we’re so into you- just the way that they were looking at you! UGH, no fair i'm supposed to get the guys not you!





We pull into nandos, Brooke squeals “5SOS is here! Look!” I dont look, i just open the door “Yeah, I know, they told me that they’d meet us here.”  She rolls her eyes “Yeah and by us, they mean you. UGH, what's wrong with me, im obviously more pretty.”


    We follow the boys to a private room so they don't get raged by fans and paparazzi. “So whats up?” asks Luke “Oh, I just broke up with my boyfriend so..” Brooke winks at him. “Um sorry..”

“Brooke” smiles.

“Sorry, again, but I was asking Alayna.” I’m blushing, he knows my name? How?





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