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this is my project for english, enjoy


It wasn't supposed to happen… we were supposed to be safe….have fun..and be back home… but we aren't. We’re trapped, we’re lost, and hurt.  It was a matter of seconds before the plane went down, first we were headed to a island, for a fun camping trip in Guam, next thing we know, we  lost signal and it all went to hell from there.


I wake up, shaking my head that hurts extremely bad, i open my eyes. Regaining thoughts and memories of what happened. Our jet crashed into the woods, nose first, killing our pilot and survival guide. My seat is a most out of the plane, I was fairly close to the front, where now it's non existant, so I was injured, not bad but i was injured. I had large scratches covering my pale legs, burn marks on my arms and torso. Sweat poured down my face, making my vision blurry. I wiped my face and looked around, behind me. The four boys, Michael, Ashton, Harry and Louis, were all in the back, in  their seats, holding on to each other for dear life. As I could see, none of them were injured.


“Is everyone ok?” I croak, still shaken from the accident. The groan and nod. Unbuckling their seat belts and standing up holding onto the worn seats, so they won't slide off the plane and fall off into the fire. I nod back and press my legs hard against the seat in front of me that's slowly burning, my feet sweating in fear of being burned and slowly unbuckling myself. I turn around in my seat, holding on for dear life. I inch my way to the isle and I hike up it, slowly. “Go out  the back…” I begin “Our stuff is behind the bathroom...we have to make a jump… grap the bags and go out the small door…” I reach the boys, gesturing them to go. Harry,  Louis and Ashton go out in front of me and slowly grab their items, grunting at the weight. Michael stays behind me, letting me go first, putting a hand on my back. I jump up to our area and grab Michaels bag, handing it to him, he throws it over his back as I throw mine over my back. We all crowd that the small door, that Harry busted open with his foot. We all look out of it as it leads to water.  Just alongside it is a huge rock. “Throw our bags on that rock, nothing will get damaged, the bags are even bullet proof, dont worry about anything breaking.” The boys do as so, Louis last, scared of breaking the guitar, but he does anyway. As if something pushed it, all the bags landed perfectly on the rock. “And now we jump.” I say nervously, not wanting to but i know it's our only way out. Ashton nods and jumps first, then Harry, Louis, and Michael. I look down, seeing how far down it was, maybe 50  feet, our plane landed in such an awkward angle on a awkward piece of land that it makes it higher than it should actually be.

“IT'S OK TO JUMP!” Ashton yells. “IT WON'T HURT AND  THE WATER IS FINE!” I listen to him, I trust him.. I make the jump and freefall, closing my eyes waiting for the impact. Warm, salty water engulfs me. I feel the pressure on my body, and my feet touch the muddy, sand floor, seaweed grabbing my legs as in a cry for help. With reaction, I push up, soon after reaching for the surface. My lungs gasping for air. I breathe fast, and unevenly opening my eyes and swimming to the rocky shore where the boys lay.

“I may be no survival expert.” Louis starts. “But the sun is going down and we can't be out in a place like this without any shelter.”  I nod as I reach the rock, Michael helpling me up. We gather our items, still soaked and walk inland, still close to the water, but right on the edge of the forest. Ashton lays down the tent on a mossy bed that lays in between two mammoth sized rocks. He works on the tent, with Harry and Louis as Michael and i climb up on top of the rocks and being laying down the grey, huge tarp. The tarp comes down the sides, hanging loosely. To secure it, we cut pieces off the rope and tie it down, to near by trees and overgrown roots and small(ish) rocks. The tarp tightness making a 2nd roof over our heads, perfect for extra room to put the fire under. Michael then lays a homemade fire pit, 5 feet in front of our tent, still under the tarp. He grabs a pot from the nearest bag and puts a bunch of rocks in it, planning on to make heated rocks, as a heat source for the cold nights.

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