Voyage Dans Le Temps

When Hermione finds a Death Eater who was thought to be dead, it changes her life. As well as changing others. Others from another time...



1. Mort à la vie

     Hermione mumbled profanities under her breath. She had searched everywhere. They'd better be here. Here she was, a brilliant Hogwarts student and fully trained Auror, unable to track down one measly Death Eater.

     Hermione sighed. She knew she shouldn't be complaining. She was lucky she only had to catch one. After the Battle of Hogwarts, many Death Eaters had tried to slip away while others celebrated and mourned loved ones. But newly appointed Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebot, set very able witch and wizard he had at his disposal after them. Many people had lost family and friends to Voldemort and his supporters, and the guilty should be put to trial.

     Hermione took a deep breath and crept into the nearby alley. This was where the Death Eater she had been chasing was said to be hiding out. But nothing was there.

     "Spellias Revelio!" Hermione tried. Nothing revealed itself. Well her source wasn't exactly the most reliable person in the world. Mundungus Fletcher wasn't known for his honesty.

     Just then, she heard the crunch of gravel underneath a boot. But just as she whipped around with a spell on her lips, she was hit with someone else's spell and toppled over. Hermione felt the ground around her shift and saw a Death Eater's mask hovering over her.

     Why didn't I detect him with the revealing spell? Hermione wondered as the man waved his wand with a flourish and his mask disappeared.

     How in the world was he here? Hermione and the rest of the Wizarding World had thought he was dead.

     "I don't have time to explain, although I'm sure you have a million questions," the man began, "I know I have hurt you in the past, and I'm sorry for that. I've come to repent for my sins. All I can say is this: Fix their lives, Hermione. Repare them!"

     Then the man waved his wand and everything went black. The last thing Hermione heard before losing conciousness was, "Save the people I should have saved!"


Author's Note:

Thank you for reading the first chapter of my very first fanfiction! I hope you have enjoyed it! Please comment your thoughts because I want to be sure that the story is good enough to continue. 😊

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