Little Sky - A Collection Of Short Stories

Every writer has random ideas for a new story, but not all of those ideas can be transformed into a complete book/movella.

So, here I am, trying to convert some of those ideas into short stories.



1. Welcome!


Hello, my fellow movellians, I'm pretty sure that you got the basic idea about what this movella is, now I'll tell you a few more details about how this is going to work and how some of you can share your ideas and stories with everyone, through this. 

Important Points:

1. Each story is going to be of two chapter AT MOST. Although, I will try to keep the story limited to one chapter only.

2. Any one of you can suggest ideas for the next story/chapter of this movella OR if you have a short story yourself you can share it here, I will add you as a co-author, till your part gets published. The WRITER will get all the CREDIT for the story and if it's an idea then also, the person who has requested it will get credit.

3. I will try my best to publish one OF MY OWN story every week, BUT if I get requests then the story or idea will be published in three days.

4. The writer who shares a story will get the credit AND a shout-out about any one of their movellas. And he/she can give a small A/N at the end of the story, relating to their account or their movella.

5. I will keep adding stories even if I don't get requests.

6. Please do give suggestions and feedback if you are interested and if you like my work.


The procedure to share one of your stories and ideas is in the next chapter.



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