The Insanity

Man is a genius when he's dreaming


1. Final.

You have poisoned tipped wings, but they wouldn’t know would they?

They couldn’t. They say colorful is dangerous but your wings are black…so they will never know; even if you wanted them to. Even if you could warn them.

Sometimes you wonder if you would warn them when you’re the way you are; when you’re nestled atop a tree where no prying fingers can graze your wings.

And then sometimes, Hiro is there and everything changes. Hiro’s voice is like a vice around your conscious mind and you’re not sure who you are anymore. You’re not sure you can be trusted. You’re not sure that you wouldn’t try to spread your poison. You’re not sure if you already have.

You’re not sure who you are…because, for you, where this Ellie, there must be Hiro. And that leaves little space for a small butterfly to dance.

So, with poison tipped wings and still feet, somehow, they haven’t realised you’re gone.

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