Billie Rae Newman is thrown into prison at the age of 18 after a traumatic event. What will happen when secrets unfold and truths will come out? And who can she trust?

#romance #action #mystery


1. chapter 1

"We have come to the conclusion that you - Billie Rae Newman - are guilty of manslaughter"


The word echoes through my head, floods my veins like poison and fills my throat.

All eyes look to me, awaiting a reaction of some sort, but I can't move or speak or blink or breathe.

I'm meant to be graduating next weekend, a day full of awkward family photos and hugs from just about everyone in the school. But no.

Next weekend I will be celebrating surviving my first week in a dingy cell.

Let me rephrase. A prison cell.

Two guards escort me down corridor after corridor, the floor endlessly unfolding beneath me.

I can't help but think about how cliche my uniform is. A vibrant orange jumpsuit - just like something out of a movie.

My small frame does not fill the uniform, and so the sleeves drape past my fingertips like how I wear my sweaters.

Wait. How I used to wear my sweaters.

The sudden slowing pace of the guards snaps me back into reality and I look around frantically, not quite knowing what I'm looking for.

293 A - a door panel reads.

Chills race up my spine when I hear the keys jingle in a keyhole, and I desperately try to mentally prepare for what's on the other side of the door;

The next 12 months of my life is what's on the other side of the door.

I almost gasp when a hand pushes me into the pit of eyes. Scanning the room, I see 2 bunk beds and a single bed in a decently-sized cell, and a grey door on the far wall, along with 3 pairs of blank eyes.

There's one girl, she's around the same height as me, and she stands with her arms folded over her orange overalls. Mocha skin with stone eyes. The look suggests she doesn't want to interact with me. Ever.

I avert my eyes to possibly the most intimidating guy I've ever laid eyes upon. Tattoo-covered muscles, short brown hair with a tensed face. He leans causally against a bunk bed railing and I begin to wonder how he doesn't crush it, but my thoughts dissolve when someone clears their throat.

A pair of grey eyes meet mine as I hear the door shut behind me and the lock being turned.

I come to the conclusion that these are the most welcoming eyes in the room.

The grey eyes belong to a pale boy, his frame lanky and his lips a shade of pale pink. Mousy hair sticks up at odd angles on his head and an earring glimmers from his ear.

The boy parts his lips, but before he can say anything, the tough muscly guy makes a remark.

"And what's a pretty little girl like you doing in such an awful place hmm?" He patronises.

I step forward, letting him know that I don't want to talk, but he blocks my path.

His build towers over me and I try to avoid eye contact at all costs.

We stand like this for multiple seconds.

"Well guys, we've got a quiet one!" He exclaims in a celebratory tone.

He moves aside, suggesting I can pass now. I wander towards the bare mattress on top of one of the bunk beds and just as I'm about to hoist myself up, the scary guy speaks once more.

"We got a quiet one with a good ass' he smirks. Disgusting.

My eyes drop to the floor as I hear the girl snigger, but rise to meet a pair of green eyes hidden in the bunk below.

A boy, around the age of 19 - I'm guessing - sits casually in his bed holding a book in his hands. His face is blank and so I decide to quickly avert my eyes back to my bed.

The girl finally comments.

"Welcome to hell."

Hi guys! This is my first ever Wattpad story and I hope you like it so far. Sorry if it's cliche but meh. I'd love if you guys commented your thoughts on it! Thanku x

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