Bumble bee



1. Chapter 1

“Dear diary,

We’ve been living at Jacob’s house for a while now and I don’t like it. Not at all. For starters everyone says that Fee is gone and she can never be found. And second I have to share a room with Millard, Enoch and Horace.  I still don’t know how the bird let them stay in the same room. And third no one cares that I’m starving myself or that I spend the whole day crying or even notice my pocket knife under my pillow. Sometimes I wish I could just fade away. You’re lucky I’m writing in you. So be happy.

See you tomorrow. If I’m still here.” Millard paced the room with Hugh’s diary in hand. “This is not good. Not good at all.”

“Do we show the bird?” Emma said worried.

“I’m not sure. We wouldn’t want him in trouble—”

“We wouldn’t want him dead!” Bronwyn butted in.

This was just our normal meeting. Except today. Not normal.

Every week on the Sunday. Millard, Enoch, Bronwyn, Emma, Horace and I all meet in my bedroom. The furthest away room in the house to Miss P’s.

“Has anyone seen Hugh lately?” I asked.

Millard, Enoch and Horace answered in unison. “In our room. Moping about as usual.”  

“And at what time did you last see him?” Emma added in.

Horace checked his watch. “An hour ago.”

Emma nodded. “I think this brings our meeting to an end. Go back to your own business.”

Enoch and Horace turned to each other. Here we go again, I thought. Before they skipped out of the room Emma called out. “Oh and go check on Hugh will ya? He needs some company.”

“Yes miss.” Grumbled Enoch

“And Millard?”

“What is it now?” he replied.

“Go grab Hugh something to eat. He clearly needs it.”

“Of course miss.”

This made me chuckle. Emma had quite literally become the parent of the house along with Miss P.

Hugh POV

I was sitting at my desk, planning. Planning for what exactly, you ask? Well only an expedition to find fee. I know she’s not dead and no one can tell me otherwise.

A knock came at the door. “Mr Apiston. Will you be joining us this evening for supper?” it was Miss P of course.
I didn’t answer. Afraid that my voice might crack from all the crying I’ve done.
Of course this wasn’t good enough for Miss Peregrine. She opened the door, I could feel her gaze on my back. “Mr Apiston. Will you be joining us for supper?”
I shook my head. I still did not want to answer.
Her voice softened. “Look, we’re all effected by the loss of Fiona but sometimes we have to move on.”
“I will not move on!” I jumped up out of my chair, giving Miss Peregrine a hard, cold stare. “She’s out there somewhere and she needs our help. And you’re just sitting here. An ymbryne’s duty is to protect her wards not sit around having tea and moving on. She’s probably alone and scared out there and you’re here doing nothing about it.” I let out an exasperated sigh. “Now if you’d kindly leave.” I pushed her towards the door.
“I understand Mr. Apiston.” And she walked away like nothing happed.
Millard POV
Oh boy, that was not good. Rule one of the house is you should never tell Hugh to move on.
I was standing right outside the door with Enoch and Horace when Hugh went off at the bird.
I approached the room with a tray of honey sandwiches in hand—Hugh’s favourite.
“Good luck.” Horace said to me as I walked in.
“No, all three of you have to go in.” Emma said as she pushed us all in closing the door.
There he was, silently crying into his pillow, again.
I cleared my throat. “I brought you something to eat. Honey sandwiches, your favourite.” But no answer came.
Horace tried. “And Enoch and I are here to keep you company.”
Still nothing.
I placed the tray on the bed beside him. Apparently, knowing honey was right next to him was too much to bare. He sat up and took a sandwich.
“You got any plain honey?” he asked, barely a whisper.
Somehow I knew he would ask. “As a matter of fact. I do.” I pulled out a jar of straight honey.
He was absolutely delighted at the sight of it. He took it and chugged the whole thing in 3 seconds flat.
“My bird! That’s got to be a record.” Said Horace.
 Hugh sniffled and wiped his cheeks. “Yeah.”
“Jeez it must be lonely in here.” Started Enoch. “No girlfriend, no bees. And Henry must be lonely too.”
Horace elbowed Enoch. Idiot.
Hugh turned away. His shoulders were trembling and he was looking down. Crying, again.
But what happened next was so surprising, so peculiar, so odd, that I had to question my consciousness.
When Hugh had turned around to face us again or to walk out the door, Enoch had been standing right behind him. Soon as Hugh bumped into him he hugged him. Actually hugged him. And not just one of those awkward hugs. A full hug as if Hugh was his older brother going off to war to fight in the front line. As if Enoch would never see him again. A hug that seemed to tell Hugh not to do anything stupid. To stay here.
As much as it might shock you Hugh and Enoch are really similar. They could easily be brothers. There’s only one difference between them. One is rude and arrogant, the other is not.
But even stranger still, Hugh hugged back.
Enoch didn’t flinch. He didn’t cringe. He didn’t even pull back. He stood there hugging Hugh and letting him cry into his shoulder. He was gently rubbing Hugh’s back and I swear I heard him whisper “It’s okay. Everything is gonna be okay, you’ll see.”
Enoch must be getting soft.
Enoch POV
You know how you feel for someone so much you can’t refrain from hugging them. Well that’s what just happened.
You really gotta feel for him though. He lost all his bees saving us. He lost his girlfriend trying to save Miss Peregrine. He really has done too much for us, hugging and comforting him was the least I could do.
“Shh.” I whispered to him. “If you find her I can bring her back.”
He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “Do you promise?”
“I promise.”
“Thank you.” He gave me one quick squeeze before sitting on his bed, “but I do hope you didn’t make Horace jealous.” He forced a laugh.
“Nah, I saw it coming. I dreamt about it.” said Horace moving to his bedside table to pick up a book.
“So you knew,” I said, “all along?”
“You could’ve warned me!” said Millard.
“Oh so the son of death himself isn’t allowed to hug anyone?” I said.
“N-no that’s not what I meant.”
“Hey Hugh your birthday’s tomorrow what do you-wow.” Claire said as she walked into the room. “Did I just hear that Enoch hugged someone?”
“Yeah you did.” I could hear the smirk in Millard’s voice. He was gonna get it.
“Well anyway I didn’t come up here to talk about strange things that never happen. I came to ask Hugh what he wants for his birthday.”
“I want Fiona back.” Hugh muttered.
Claire sighed. “Oh Hugh you know she’s-”
I cut her off before she could finish. “We’ll get her back. I promise.”
“Oh good because I’ve already planned it out.”
“Wait you’ve planned the trip…already?” Horace said.
“What do you think I do all day in here? Stare at a wall?”
“Well I did assume-”
“Of course I didn’t. Now we leave tomorrow at dawn.”
“Dawn?” Claire whined. “I need my beauty sleep.”
“Oh no you’re not coming.” Typical Hugh.
“But I wanna see Radi.”
“For the last time Claire you’re too young to be hanging around boys.”
Claire smirked. “But you’re a boy.”
“Not the point.” Hugh snapped. “It’s too dangerous for you and I have a special job for you.”
“Oh what is it?”
“I need you to stay back here and make sure Miss Peregrine doesn’t find out where we are or where we’re going.”
“Okay fine.” She looked over to me. Oh no. “Enoch will you play dolls with me?”
“Well…uh.” She was giving me the puppy dog eyes and I just cannot resist them. “Fine I don’t see why not.”
“Yay!” Claire cheered as she pulled me out of the room.
I could hear Hugh laughing. Like actually laughing. The first time months. Today is a good day.
Fiona POV
3 months, 5 days, 7 hours without him. He hasn’t come yet. Do I just wait here or do I go find him? He could be anywhere.
So here I wait at the menagerie in hope he comes for me. I know he will.
Millard POV
“It’s not fair,” Horace said, “I don’t get hugs like that.”
I scoffed. “I don’t think anyone wants a hug from Enoch.”
“But I want one.” Horace whined and sat down on his bed to read his book.
“What’re you reading?” asked Hugh. “I hope it’s not those boring Tales the Millard reads.”
“Pfft. Of course it isn’t…those really are boring.”
“Ahem.” I said. He was offending my research. How dare he?
“Any who…It’s a polish dictionary-“
“That’s even more boring.” Hugh whined while he was munching on a honey sandwich. “And I can’t even read normal English and you’re reading Polish.”
I looked at Horace and he looked back. We shared an idea it seemed.
Hugh POV
“We’ll teach you.” Millard said nodding to Horace.
Oh bird. “Uh, no thanks chaps. I really don’t need to read.” I said creeping towards the door.
Horace had a wild grin on his face. “Oh don’t be such a chicken it’s easy.”
I was backing towards the door and they were following me. Like I was their prey. “Oh look! It’s a bee!” I said pointing to the window.
They both snapped their heads towards the window. Fools.
That’s when I took my chance and bolted. Out the room, down the hall, and straight into Claire’s room. My safe place.
“Hey Hugh, have you come to join us for tea?” Claire said as I shut the door.
“Uh not today Claire bear, sorry. I’m hiding from the crazy teachers.”
“Oh.” She said. “Did you bring Henry?”
I never should’ve taught that darn bee to tap dance. Claire really wanted me to teach him so I did…never shall I ever again.
“Yes of course I did.” I place my lucky last little henry on the table. That’s when I noticed him. Enoch. He had a suit on. Like a suit.
“What’re you staring at bee baby?” he grumbled.
“Oh thank goodness I thought something was wrong with you.” I chuckled. “You never ever wear suits.”
“I know. But how can you say no to her?”
“You simply can’t.” I said.
Claire grinned. “That’s because I’m too adorable!”
“You got that right.” I ruffled her hair. Big mistake.
She growled. “My locks! Hugh!”
“Hehe I’m sorry.” I said while patting her hair down.
“They’re my prized possession!”
“Yes I know and I’m sorry.”
“You’d better be or bird help you.” She snapped.
“Oh look at the time,” Enoch said, “we better get ready for supper.”
Good timing. “Yeah we’d better.” I said hurrying out of the room.

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