Valencia Malfoy

Valencia Malfoy hates her family. That works out, too because they hate her.


1. Home "Sweet" Home

I could never quite make up my mind about dad. Of course I love him to the moon and back but he always seemed to favor Draco, my brother.

Reasons Dad Likes Draco

1. Draco gets a weekly allowance of 10 galleons. I get nothing.

2. Dad never gets mad, yells at or hits Draco. He does all 3 to me all the time.

3. Dad always gets Draco what he wants. The last thing he gave me was a ratty old dress 4 sizes to small.

4. Draco gets the biggest room in the house. Me? I get a 5 by 5 foot room that looks a bit like a large closet.

Right now I'm sitting in my room, fiddling around with my blanket, when dad comes in.

"Valencia, you still haves chores to do." He says.

"I love you too." I say, rolling my eyes.

"Chores." He says, more firm than before.

"I did them." And I did, I'm not lying.

"You did the laundry, helped Dobby clean the bathroom and washed the windows?" Dobby is our house elf, and my best ( and only) friend.


" Did you clean my Draco's room?"

"You never asked me to do that!"

"I am now."

"So your little Dracypoo can't clean his own room?" I might think Dad is ok, but Draco is my worst enemy, even if he is my twin.

"Clean. Now."

"You can't make me." I know he technically can, but whatever.

"I'm afraid I can." He reaches out to strike me, but I dodge and run to Draco's room. Wow. Home "sweet" home.

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