You Suck Less Than Most People [LARRY]



1. 1 - Inertia



1. A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged


Vanilla. That was the word to describe Louis Tomlinson's life, completely vanilla - bland and uninteresting, a life that was just a face in a crowd. That was until, of course, he met Harry Styles, and suddenly his life became a rich, luxurious strawberry sorbet.  

Repositioning the straps on his backpack to fit more comfortably on his shoulders, he headed to 2nd period biology with a sigh. Two periods in and he already needed a nap - today was going to kill.

"Mr Tomlinson, how nice to finally grace us with your presence."

And that was the exact moment Louis knew Mrs. Allen truly had it in for him. Nervously, he glanced up at the clock - just under two minutes late, unfairly punishable in Louis' head. He wished he had the guts to argue with her, to tell her that two minutes wasn't an awfully long time, and it did not prohibit his learning because none of the class had even started the work displayed on the board. But, Louis was Louis, and unless he wanted to be condemned to a visit to the principal's office for answering back to a member of authority, like he'd seen so many of his classmates do over the years, he knew it was best to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he gave the usual line he had recited many times before.

"I am extremely sorry Mrs. Allen. I got caught up in the corridors. I know this is not an acceptable excuse and will try harder next time."

Somewhat content with the excuse, the teacher merely handed over a detention slip, and signalled for Louis to take his seat.

"Peachy," he whispered, "just peachy."

A/N; Ok ok, it's pretty obvious where this is going, but after all the other 1D fan fictions I've wrote on other sites I wanted to come back to something simpler, and sweet. But that doesn't mean there won't be some little plot twists here and there! Please, leave a like if you enjoyed this and want to read more, it means a lot to me and really motivates me to write more for you lovely people! (Also these chapters are going to be quite short as it's much easier for me to sort my ideas that way, and gather my thoughts on where to take the story.)

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