The Promise - A Harry Potter fanfiction

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  • Published: 13 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 13 Jun 2017
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A short, sweet one-shot of Harry and Ginny after the Battle of Hogwarts!


1. The Promise

Harry followed Ron and Hermione back towards the castle. They were nudging each other playfully, their hands linked tightly together. He felt kind of bad for not congratulating them earlier after their passionate kiss in front them. Smiling a small smile to himself, he decided he would tell them later. Maybe after they had all gotten some rest.
Harry’s wand moved through the air as he followed after them, making the broken bricks fit back together and the bodies of their enemies roll over the side of the bridge and into the abyss below.  
Once they made it back into the great hall, Harry farewelled his friends and made for the stairs. He couldn’t stand seeing the dead bodies again, especially those he knew. 
“At least we won,” he tried to tell himself, but it wasn’t very comforting.
As he passed the paintings on the walls, some congratulated him for his victory while others nodded in respect before going back to fixing their surroundings. It was exhausting acknowledging everyone, but Harry knew that with each step, he was moving towards peacefulness.
The Fat Lady was absent from her painting, but the door was ajar, much to Harry’s relief. He paused before entering though. What if there was someone inside who would want to talk to him about today’s ordeals?
Harry convinced himself that he’d have the strength to just keep walking.
Sure enough, when Harry’s feet hit the ground on the other side of the painting, a small quiet voice asked,
“Harry? Is that you?”
Harry took one look at the figure before throwing himself at her.
Ginny’s arms circled his neck as she buried her face in his chest. Harry held her as tightly as he could as he buried his face in her hair. He didn’t care that they were both dirty and covered in grime. He just needed her.
After a moment, Ginner moved them towards one of the common room’s couches. She pulled Harry down beside her before curling up his lap. Her body fits perfectly with his. He held her like a lifeline.
They didn’t talk for a while. Maybe it was only a few minutes, but to Harry, it felt like hours.
“Fred,” he finally croaked into her hair and he felt her fingers tighten on his shirt. 
“It’s okay,” she murmured, though Harry knew it was far from it. “He… he died laughing. That makes me feel better.”
“Remus…” he continued. “Tonks…”
“Harry,” Ginny straightened and clasped his face between her hands. “Don’t do this to yourself.”
“They all died because of me,” he managed to say. “How do I live with that guilt.”
“Mr Potter,” she pulled her wand from her pocket and with a flick, cleaned him of all the dirt and grime, even fixing his clothes. “I think you’re a tad bit selfish.”
Harry’s eyes widened, but she placed a finger over his lips.
“They didn’t die for you. They died for themselves. You’re not the only one who was oppressed by the dark forces. They fought for their freedom just as much as they fought for yours.”
Harry knew, deep down, that this was true, but it was still painful to acknowledge. 
“But what about that message Voldemort gave us? If they had turned me over, no one would have died.”
“You’re insane if you believe that to be true,” she smiled grimly. “You saw what they were doing to anyone that wasn’t pureblood. That wouldn’t have stopped with your death. Your death would have only been a stepping stone.”
“This is why I keep you around,” he took his hands in hers. “You keep me square-minded.”
“Somebody has to,” she smirked and he laughed. “I guess now’s a good time to talk about us.”
“What do you mean?” he asked. “We can talk about ‘us’ later.”
“I don’t want to talk about it later,” she frowned. “I’ve had so much tragedy today, Harry. I need a silver lining.”
“What’s there to talk about?” he stroked her back softly.
“Well, last time we spoke about ‘us’, you broke up with me.”
“Only until the war was to end.”
“And now it has,” she challenged him, eyes burning. “Does that mean you’ll have me back?”
“Ginny, I didn’t do it because of you.”
“I know why you did it,” she assures him. “But I need to know that if the times get harder again, that you won’t just leave me again.”
“I promise you I won’t,” he told her and he really did mean it.
Ginny held up her pinky finger and Harry was quick to link his with hers. They both pulled out their wands and held them above their linked hands. A silver mist came from the tip of their wand and linked around them. 
“I promise,” he stated again and by the light in her eyes, he knew Ginny believed him. 

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