Off to Tour

Niall and the guys have left for their Take me Home tour....what will Kaylee do without them for a whole year? Will she find new friends? Will one of her new friends have a crush on her? Will Niall resist other girls? *Sequel to Torn between two boys*

*Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd*


1. Before Tour

Kaylee’s p.o.v

I woke up from my nap with Niall. I turned to him and saw he was still sound asleep. His arm was wrapped around my waist, so I carefully grabbed it, lifted, so I can get up and I placed it beside him. I went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat because I was starving. When I was in the process of making my food I heard the couch squeak. I turned to see Niall waking up.

“Hey,” I greeted.

“Hi love, man, I’m starving.” Niall said.

“When are you not?” I joked. I saw him think for a moment.

“Yeah you're right, I am always hun….” He cut himself off when he saw that I had food in my hand and ran towards me and hugged me.

“Can I have some?” He begged like a little kid.



I shaked my head.

“Why not?”
“Because this is mine.” I told him.

“But I’m hungry.”

“Well then get your own food.”

“Your mean.” He said just before he started to walk away.

I placed my food down, and I jumped on his back.

“I’m just kidding baby.” I said and got down. Niall faced me and looked me deeply in my eyes.

“I’m hungry for your kisses.” Niall said.

“Yuck. C’mon I’ll make you food.” I said planting a kiss on his sweet lips.

I took Niall's hand and led him back to the kitchen. I made him a sandwich and we took it with happiness written all over his face.

“When do you leave for your tour?” I asked.

“Tonight.” Niall responded.

I bowed my head down. It was so soon when he was leaving and I barely got to spend time with him as my boyfriend.

“Don't worry darling I promise I'll call you everyday and Skype you when I'm free.” Niall said.


“Now I'm still hungry so I am going to order us a pizza and we can spend the whole day together just you and me, or we can still order pizza and stay home and invite the guys here so we can all spend the day together. Now which one would you like.” Niall suggested.

“You don't care what idea I choose because you will still get your pizza either way huh?”

“You know it baby.”

“So I would like the second option.”

“Okay go call the guys, while I order the pizza.” Niall ordered.

I was too lazy to call them so I made a group chat to tell them all.

Group chat: Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn

Me: Hey guys since it's your last day here until you are going on tour Niall and I made a plan where we can all spend the day together at our house to watch movies and eat pizza.

Louis: Oooo, I love that idea I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Liam: Sure great plan

Zayn: Vas happening pizza and movies

Harry: Hey Kaylee sure I'll be there.

I went into Niall and my room so I can change into something comfy. I put my hair in a messy ponytail and I also put on my soft warm slippers. I went back to the living room and I saw Niall sitting with his hair all messy. He looked like an angel.

His head turned towards me and his smile warmed me up.

“Hey darling.”

“Hi, did you order the pizza already?”

“Yeah. Did you tell the guys to come over?”

“Yes I did.”

“Good, so for now I can have you all to myself.” Niall said grabbing my waist and pulling him towards him, hugging me. Niall was kissing me everywhere. My lips, forehead, arm, and shoulder.

I was enjoying the moment until the doorbell rang.

“Why?” Niall whined.

“I'll go get the door.” I said.

I opened the door and saw the guys with their pajamas on, they had their blankets, pillows, almost everything you would have for a sleepover.

“Oh um hey guys. This is a day spent together not a sleepover.”

“I know but we wanted to be comfortable.” Louis answered.

“Okay I guess come in.” I told them.

All the guys were coming in and Harry stopped in front of me.

“Hey Kaylee.” He said.

“Hi, Harry, how are you?” I asked.

“I’ve been holding are you Kaylee?” He asked.

“I’ve been wonderful.” I responded.

“So are you and Niall still together?” Harry suddenly asked.

“Yeah we are, why?”

“No, no reason.”

“Let's go meet the others.” Harry said.

“Yeah.” I said.

Ever since I told Harry that I wanted to be with Niall, we both have been awkward with each other and we don’t speak very often like we used to when we were together. I went back to Niall and saw him sitting in the couch having a conversation with Liam. They both were laughing. At the sight of Niall laughing made me let out a small giggle. I sat between Niall’s legs and he kissed my forehead before Niall returned to his conversation. I stood up ao I can put a movie on.

“So what movie do you guys want to watch?” I asked.

“Hmm I want to watch Toy Story.” Liam suggested.

“No! We watched that movie a thousand times...I want to watch a scary movie.” Niall spoke.

“Yeah I agree with Niall.” Zayn said.

“I do too.” Harry stated.

“See Liam, we all agreed to watch a scary movie not that boring Toy book movie.” Louis explained.

“First of all it’s call Toy Story...and second of all, awww.” Liam said.

“Okay then scary it about The Shining?”

“Oh no, I guess….it’s so bad put…” Niall said.

“Yeah it is…” Harry agreed.


After the movie we were all talking how bad the movie was.

“I hate it how the woman just stood beside the bathroom door screaming while Johnny broke the door down with his axe. I mean couldn’t she run out the window or something? She is so stupid!” I screamed.

“Yeah well I’m gonna take a nap before we go to tour at midnight.” Niall said.
“Yeah we are gonna leave as well.” Liam said.
“I still gotta pack.” Louis said.

“Okay bye guys i'll come with you to take you to the airport later.” I told them.

“Sure, bye Kaylee.”

The guys left and I joined Niall in taking a nap and we both fell asleep quick. I will really miss Niall when he leaves for tour. What am I going to do without him?


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