That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


1. Jason <3

JasonIzPerfection: Hey baby <3

AbigailWants7Dogs: Hey Jason xx

AbigailWants7Dogs: Lmao What is that username?

JasonIzPerfection: Perfection, that's what! Yours is weird too!

AbigailWants7Dogs: True.

AbigailWants7Dogs:  So, why'd you text me out of the blue.

JasonIzPerfection: First of all, it was out of the green, not blue.

AbigailWants7Dogs: xD

JasonIzPerfection: Second, I wanted to know if you could come get ice cream with me at 6, tonight. 

AbigailWants7Dogs: Sure! Sounds great!

JasonIzPerfection: Okay, see you there! xx Bye!

AbigailWants7Dogs: Bye baby! xx

JasonIzPerfection has left the chat.

AbigailWants7Dogs has left the chat.

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