Our Story

This is our story, the story that has made us to who we are today. I, Skyana, have a heartbreaking story. My story may blow you away. CalumHood16, she also has an interesting story to tell. Enough of this! Let's get going!


1. Our Story

Hello, my name Anaisabel. Like Ana is a bel. Well, I have a long story to tell. It is very long. It has very sad parts and very unusual parts. Now, I will let CalumHood16 take it away!



Vas Happening!!! I am Yasmin, or CalumHood16 as most of you know me. Get ready to laugh, cry, and have an adventure with you stars of this story CalumHood16 and Skyana.....now enjoy the story....you might want to get comfy and get some food. This will be a long ride...

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