Lyka moon

In the forth year they forgot about the werewolves of sunstone. They have spirit claws witch hold three powers. Not including turning into a wolf.


1. The ride to hogwarts

  "So Kelvin, cloud you think this will be interesting" I said. We were traveling by running. 

  "Stay close kids we are entering the forbidden forest" said alpha Duke. We entered a dark forest and slowed down to about 15mph. We saw a lot of animals. Like the centaur. I saw light.

  "Okay behave children. We will enter the castle wolf style" said alpha. We turned into a wolf the castle doors opened and we entered. "Sit down" he howled in wolf. We all sat in a straight line.

  "Look at the the little pups" said some kid with white hair.

  "Lyka go ahead" said alpha Duke. I transform into a human.

  "You want to know something" i said. I walked up to the kid and put my hands on the table harshly. The kid stood up and so did his friends.

  "Is that a threat" he asked demandingly. My friends came next to me.

  "Yes it was" I said. He took out his wand. I took out a wand as well. Nobody knew I was half.

  "Wingardium leviosa" I picked him up off the ground and mad him go all the way to the selling and I dropped him at the candle. "Don't mess with me."

  "Just a question who ate your patents" he said.

  "My patents are Lunar Eclipse Moon and my  father is Severus Snape" I said. All the wizards and witches gasped. "What?"

  "So your my daughter" a guy with black hair looked at me.

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