Life, Love, War *A Harry/Ginny Fanfiction*

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry goes abroad to help wizards who were negatively affected by Voldemort. But when he gets back, the people he loves are doing the same. Is the Dark Side actually gone? And will love be able to flourish through the pain?


1. Homecoming

Ginny's POV:

     Ginny yawned then sat up and pulled on a robe. Before she went downstairs, she leaned her head against George's door. No noise. He must have slept at the shop.

     Ginny was worried about him. Coping with the loss of Fred was hard on all of them but for George it was a hundred times worse. Losing his twin must have been like ripping his own heart out.

     Well, Ginny thought as she walked down the stairs, he did seem  to be getting better recently.

     When Ginny reached the kitchen, everyone else was already eating.

     "Good morning Ginny, dear. Breakfast is on the stove," Mrs. Weasley said.

     "Thanks mum," Ginny replied while going to get some food.

Harry's POV:

     The wind ran its cool fingers through Harry's hair as he brought the Firebolt to the ground.

     His heart warmed as he got his first glimpse of the Weasley house. He hadn't seen it or the people inside it for almost a year.

     Harry was also feeling nervous. He wasn't sure if they blamed him for Fred's death or not. He wouldn't be angry if they did though. He would just leave and help with the Hogwarts repairs. 

     And what about Ginny? Did she still love him like she did before he went to find Horcruxes? Was she angry about Fred's death? Harry wasn't sure. He decided to give her a little space for the first few days before he was completely sure.

     These thoughts raced through his mind as he knocked on the door.

Ginny's POV:

     As Ginny got changed, her thoughts wandered to Harry as they usually did.

     What was he doing? Where was he? Was he ok?

     Ginny also constantly worried that Harry might have gone to start a new life without her. Without the pain. Harry hadn't been heard from in months. Maybe he needed someone new.

     Just then someone pounded on the door. 

     "Ginny!" Ron bellowed, "Get the door!"

     "Get off your lazy but and get it yourself!" Ginny could here Hermione laughing somewhere nearby.

     "I'm busy!" Ron whined.

     "I think Hermione can wait two seconds Ronald." Ginny rolled her eyes.

     "Fine," Ron grumbled as he stomped downstairs. Ginny heard him open the door. "Harry!?"






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