Review Store {Open}

Hi, and welcome to my brand new and improved Review Store!!


1. Welcome To My Brand New Store!

Hi there, and welcome to my brand new review store! My name is Emily and if you want I will review you're story!

Now this will not be completely free, considering I'm taking the time to read and write a review on your story. So when you put in your request, you will have to fan me, if you do not fan me I will ignore your request. I will fan you back, and if after your review is done and you unfan me I will just unfan you.

I will review any genre of story, and your story DOES NOT have to

Anyway here is what I will be 'marking' you on or reviewing you on.


Although I go buy the rule 'don't judge a book by it's cover.' I will be checking if your cover goes with your story and charters.


Here I will be judging how your plot or problem the characters face goes with the rest of the story and most importantly how they solve this problem.


Another thing I will be checking is your punctuation and your use of periods, new paragraphs and your charters diologe.


The last thing I will be checking is you characters and how they interact with each other and make the story interesting. And take the story along.

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