Flame Potter

I was adopted by Severus Snape. He says I have my moms hair and dads eyes. but I don't have glasses. I go to Hogwarts and find myself in the shadows of my older brother that I never knew. They say he was the boy who lived but I am younger and have a scar that is the shape of a death eater sign. That crosses the vain. On the left side.


1. Lucky

   "Hey Severus when do I go to Hogwarts" I said.

  "Tomorrow my sweat flame. I realize I say this a lot but you look like your mother" he said. "You should go pack."

  "Okay" I started to pack when I saw the picture of me and my mom once I was a baby. I thought I know I barley knew you but you didn't deserve to die.

  I better get some sleep I have a big day tomorrow. My dream was about the next day meeting lots of people. 

  In the morning I woke up. "Come on Flame its time to go" Severus said. I took a ride on the train were I meet Luna Lovegood  and Ginny Weasley.

  We were talking about the excitement of going to Hogwarts. Ginny brings up that are going to have classes with the second years. Which includes being with the boy who lived and the girl who lived we are Lucky.

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