Living a lie

This is about when James Potter was young there was a girl named Shera Malfoy. I have Slytherin friends including my brother luscious. So I live under Slytherin rules. In this story you witness Shera's lies.


1. Gryffindor

  "Come on Shera trains are leaving" said a boy. 

  "Coming  Luscious " Shera said. On the train I was talking with people on the train. I saw my brother staring at the girl with the last name of black. I whispered to him"if you like her go for it."

  "Thanks for the Help" he said.

  "No problem" I said.

  "Hi I'm  Luscious Malfoy and I was wondering if you want to be friends" Luscious said nervously.

  "Sure" the girl said "I am Narcissa Black."

  "This is my sister Shera Malfoy" he said gesturing at me.

  There was a boy named Severus Snape he was talking about defense against the dark arts. "I want to be the defense against thew dark arts someday" he said.

  A boy entered than edited instantly. "Does anyone know what that was about" I asked.

  "No but I know its weird because we are here" said Narissa.

  "First years" we followed a big man into Hogwarts. Then a girl addressed us to a room. 

  "Lily Evans"


  "James Potter"


  "Luscious Malfoy"


  "Shera Malfoy" 


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