When The Clouds Break

Welcome to the inside of my head. Trespasses will be executed.


1. Step Inside (25/7/17, 1:43AM)

Welcome to my diary, my first entry. I don't often write diaries but I decided this time I would. Will it be boring? I hope not. I want to turn the mundane into something people can enjoy, something people will even look forward to. That is the power of the written word. You can make anything into something spectacular. Does that mean I can make my life spectacular? Well, we'll see won't we.

Maybe the written word isn't quite that powerful. There's the norm when it comes to diaries, the daily life of the writer. Well I've had a good few days. On Friday I went home with my girlfriend and we spent the whole weekend together. She's amazing and makes me really happy and when I'm with her worries go away. I love my girlfriend, I know what love is. I'm proud to be able to say that, even if it's in a diary to strangers on the internet.

As for the strange structure of this diary, I would paragraph but the app seems to change the font every time I attempt it, so this shall have to remain one large block of text until I can get my computer on tomorrow. Sorry about that. Oh look, I edited it.

Anyway, back on topic. Upon coming home from being with my girlfriend (who, for the purpose of this, shall be called Floral) I pondered what I first wanted to post onto this site. And I decided my diary, an introduction to myself. And then maybe lyrics. I do love my lyrics. But yes, a diary. A badly written late night concoction of language and poor grammar because, when typing on an iPhone 4, who can be bothered checking back. I should sleep. Why am I writing this late. I had a good weekend, now it's time to dream about it. Goodnight Movellas.

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