Tyra Ramirez is the younger sister of Chelsea FC Forward Nicky Ramirez. She's best friends with Melanie Fuentes and the squad, their friend group. Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Francisco "Isco" Alarcón, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

What will happen to Tyra and Melanie? Can Nicky and the squad save them?

© philcoutinho 2014


34. Chapter 34

Monday, June 22nd, 2015
London High School 
Narrator's POV:

Today's an important day for the seniors at London High School. It's the last day of school, and tonight is their graduation ceremony. The members of the squad enter LHS one more time.

The juniors, sophomores, and first-year students cheered for them. They smiled and sat down in their usual seats since the first day of school, located at the east cafeteria.

"Wow, it's the last day of school," Melanie says. "I can't believe it."

"Same, I'm going to miss this school by around 55%," Dameon spoke.

Everyone laughed at Dameon's comment.

"What? It's true," He said.

"The only good things were are Joey, Mr.Hecox, the drama and fights, and the Chick-Fil-A. Not only that, but we've made so many iconic memories over the years. The class of 2015 is the best senior class this high school ever had."

The squad agreed with Dameon. Suddenly, Dakota and Carolina walked in. No one didn't clap for them.

"People are so rude nowadays," Dakota announced.

"All the other seniors were cheered by the other grades, including the squad. Why can't we get some encore?"

"Well, it's probably because no one likes us," Carolina snapped. "Ever think of that?" 

"Oh, shit," Some of the students said.

The squad looked at Dakota and Carolina.

"What's going on with them?" Calum asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like Carolina is mad at Dakota," Lindsey replied.

"Excuse me?" Dakota asked. "Carolina, the only people that dislike us, are the squad. I'm sure everyone else likes us."

"We don't like you and Carolina!" A boy yelled.

Some of the students snickered to themselves.

Dakota rolled her eyes.

"See Dakota? There's not one student that likes us. Ever since George helped us expose the squad for the SCPESD, people have— "

"Carolina, don't bring that up!" Dakota yelled.

Everyone gasped.

"So that's how they know our secrets, because of George," Melanie said to the squad.

The squad looked at the two girls in disbelief.

"Dakota and Carolina are such hypocrites!" Aracely exclaimed.

The entire east cafeteria turned their attention to her. Aracely stood up from her seat.

"They exposed me for being a hacker when Dakota's brother/Carolina's boyfriend, George Lineker, pretty much did the same thing," She stated.

"Not only that, but George committed a crime, Invasion of Privacy, to be exact," Tyra announced, getting up from her seat.

"You're wrong, Tyra," Dakota said. "My brother didn't commit any crime."

"According to the laws of England, he did, Lindsey said, getting up. "I have our constitution pulled up on my phone."

"Appropriation of name or likeness laws protect your right to control the use of your own identity for a business or commercial purposes. Typically, these claims involve the unauthorized use of a person's picture or name. While state laws vary, the elements necessary to prove appropriation are as follows: The defendant (the person who's getting sued) used the plaintiff's (the person initiating the lawsuit) name, likeness or identity; The uses was for the defendant's benefit, whether the benefit is economic or otherwise; The use was without the plaintiff's consent, and the use caused injury to the plaintiff."

"So what you're saying Lindsey, is that Dakota and Carolina used yours and the squad's photos, provided by George Lineker, without consent?"

That voice belongs to Mrs.Robbins. Everyone turned their heads to the cafeteria entrance to see her and Mr.Wade walking in.

"Yes," Lindsey replied. "Even though some of the stuff used in Dakota's speech are public posts, Dakota and Carolina did not grant permission from the squad and me to use them."

"Also, Dakota and Carolina used it for their benefit, which was to win the SCPE," Dameon stated.

Everyone looked at Dameon, then Lindsey, then Dakota and Carolina, and finally Mrs.Robbins and Mr.Wade.

"You girls just can't stay out of trouble," Mr.Wade said and sighed.

"Dakota, Carolina, follow me to my office, NOW!" Mrs.Robbins ordered.

The two girls are scared at this point. Dakota and Carolina followed Mrs.Robbins and Mr.Wade out of the east cafeteria. 

Once they left, everyone cheered for Aracely, Tyra, Dameon, and most importantly, Lindsey. She received the most praise. All four of them smiled and returned to their seats.

"Okay, I can't believe I witnessed that," Anna said.

"Good job, Lindsey," Luke said. "You should study law."

"I don't think so," she said. "I'm 1000% committed to fashion, shopping, and spending money."

The squad started laughing. Suddenly, the intercom went off.

"Students, you may make your way to homeroom. We're going be on a half-day schedule, so all classes are thirty minutes long. There will be no lunch today," Mrs.Knight announced.

"Aw, I'm going to miss you guys so much, especially my seniors! Good luck in the adult world!" 

All of the seniors got up and left the east cafeteria as everyone cheered for them once again.


Michael's POV:

Luke and I entered Joey's classroom and took our seats.

"Good morning class, today's the last day of school," Joey said and sighed.

The entire class sighed as well.

I'm going to miss Joey. He's a cool teacher. I wish I knew him longer, just like the squad did.

"But let's not feel so sad," He said. "Let's do something fun."

"Like?" Johnathan asked.

"Anyone up for Unpopular Opinions?"

Everyone smiled and agreed with Joey's idea.

Unpopular Opinions is a game where you have to start your sentence with, "Unpopular opinion but..." and state your opinion.

"Who wants to start?" Joey asks and sits on his desk.

Calum raised his hand.

"Okay Calum, what's your Unpopular Opinion?"

"Unpopular opinion but this school will never be the same without us, seniors," He replied.

"Don't you ever think about that? I mean, we're the craziest grade this school ever had."

"That's so true," Lorena said. "Just this morning one of the biggest scandals of the school year was solved."

"What scandal?" Joey asked.

Everyone in the classroom looked at each other and laughed.

"We found out in the east cafeteria this morning that George Lineker, Dakota's brother, and Carolina's boyfriend, helped them expose the squad during the SCPESD," Ashton answered.

Joey had a surprised expression on his face.

"No way,"

Everyone nodded their heads.

"He was the one who provided Dakota and Carolina pictures, videos, notes, etc. of the squad for Dakota's speech," I said.

"Aracely called out Dakota and Carolina on their hypocrisy, Tyra told them that George committed a crime, Invasion of Privacy, Lindsey proved Tyra's point by reading the laws of England, and Dameon mentioned how they tried to use it for their benefit," Melanie explained.

"And on top of that, Mrs.Robbins and Mr.Wade happened to be there for all of it," Johnathan added.

"I'm honestly so shocked right now," Joey said.

Everyone started laughing, including Joey himself. I love it when we're laughing like this in class. 

Unfortunately, It'll be different when September comes around.

 The squad is enrolled in college/university to pursue their dreams. 5SOS and I aren't going to college because we're going on a world tour starting next week. It'll be hard for Melanie and Luke. 

There's a possibility that they might break up.

I hope they figure something out.

"Okay, so any other Unpopular—"

Joey was cut off by the bell.

"Well folks, period one is over for the last time," He announced, with sadness in his voice. "Have a nice summer."

"No!" Noah yells.

He runs and hugs Joey. Then, Tyra comes and hugs him. Soon, the entire class got up and hugged Joey.

"So I guess everyone needs a pass." Joey joked.

We all laughed. Joey signed us two big late passes; one of the squad and me, and the other for the rest of the class. Tyra took our slip, and we left. The bell rang as we walked into Mr.Hecox's class.

"Ooh, right on time," Mr.Hecox said.

"We have a late pass, if you need it," Tyra said and gave it to him.

"Thanks," He said.

"No problem," Tyra replied, taking her seat.

"Anyways, today we're not doing any work since it's the last day of school," Mr.Hecox announced.

 "I'll be coming to the graduation ceremony later on tonight." 

We cheered. I hope Joey and Mr.Padilla come too.

"So, what are we doing then?" I asked.

"You guys can sit and chill. I'll be at my desk." Mr.Hecox replied and walked to his desk.

"Hey Tyra, is Nicky, Oscar, and Eden coming tonight?" Dameon asked.

"Yeah, plus the whole Chelsea squad, including José Mourinho himself," She replied.

"The entire Chelsea team?" Ashton asked.

Tyra nodded.

"Nicky said all of them wanted to come, so he reserved a bunch of seats," She replied. "Also, David texted me this morning saying that him, Isco, and James are coming too."

"After graduation, we should celebrate at a nice restaurant. How about Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill?" Melanie suggested.

"Yes, yes, yes!" We yelled.

"Okay then," She said and laughed.

"Their seafood looks so good. I have to try it." Johnathan said.

"I'll get Nicky to rent out the place," Tyra said, taking out her phone.

Soon, the bell rang. We said goodbye to Mr.Hecox and gave him a group hug.


Psychology Class
Aracely's POV:

The squad and I walked inside our Psychology class.

Last period was crazy because Dameon and Noah got into an argument with Mrs.Harrison.

She was already in a bad mood, so that got them annoyed, but when she assigned the entire class several pages of worksheets, that was the last straw. 

When Mrs.Harrison was yelling, Noah shut her down by saying, "Okay Mrs.Harrison, you better grab a fold-a-chair and take a seat because you can't make us do work on the last day of school."

"OHHHHH!"  We yelled and started laughing.

Mrs.Harrison stood there in silence. So during that period, we just sat with our friends and talked to each other.

Now that I'm thinking about it, why didn't Mr.Padilla defend her?

He probably thought it was best not to get involved.

"Okay class, today we're going to watch Divergent," Ms.Thomas announced.

She put the movie on.

25 Minutes Later

"Okay class, I have to stop the movie," Ms.Thomas said.

"No!" Lorena exclaimed. "I want to see more of Theo James's hotness,"

Everyone started laughing, including Ms.Thomas.

"Don't worry Lorena," She said. "Divergent is still available on Netflix and Hulu,"

"Yay!" She exclaimed.

"Anyways, class, I want to wish you all a perfect summer," Ms.Thomas said, smiling. "It's been a pleasure to have you guys as my students. You are the funniest class I ever had."

We smiled back.

"On behalf of the squad, and everyone else, we thank you," Dameon said. "Because being funny is a lot of hard work."

Everyone started laughing. 

The bell ranged. 

The squad and I left the classroom, saying goodbye to Ms.Thomas. We walked across the hall and entered Mrs.Morris's class.

"Hello, class," Mrs.Morris greeted. "Today is a relaxing day. I'll be at my desk submitting final grades."

We sighed in relief. The squad and I decided to sit with each other.

"Last period, I couldn't stop laughing at Eric because he brought up the time when he was hyping up Lorena while she fought Dakota during sophomore year," Dameon mentions.

The squad and I started laughing. I'll never forget that day.

"Oh yeah, the worst part about it was that it was the first day of school and she ruined my new shirt." Lorena groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Well, that's what you get for talking shit about me,"

That voice was Dakota's. We turned around to see her and Carolina entering the classroom.

"I hate all of you," Dakota told the squad and me.

"Especially the four of you," Carolina said, pointing to Lindsey, Tyra, Dameon, and I.

"Because of you, Dakota and I can't walk during the graduation ceremony. Mrs.Robbins, Mr.Wade, and Dakota's dad decided it'd be best to send our diplomas through the mail."

"And on top of that, George got expelled from technology school today," Dakota said. "He has to finish the rest of his school year at a different one."

Everyone was surprised.

"Mrs.Robbins, Mr.Wade, and Gary Lineker are not playing any games today," I thought.

It was silent for a while until Melanie coughed.

"It's what you two deserved," She spoke, breaking the silence.

"What?" Dakota asked, gritting her teeth.

"It's what you two deserved," Melanie repeated.

"Look, you need to—"

"Melanie's right," Mrs.Morris said, cutting off Dakota.

Everyone looked at Mrs.Morris.

"I watched you, and Carolina put the squad through hell and back," She said. "It's about time karma came around."

"You girls need to change your behavior, mindset, everything. Do you think that people outside of LHS is going to accept your childish behavior? Well, I'm going to tell you right now that they're not," Tyra said.

"Nicky once told me, "Sometimes in life, your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson." That moment when Robbins, Wade, and Gary Lineker decided that you two won't be walking for graduation, it was your wake up call."

The classroom was silent once again. Carolina was in tears, while Dakota had the same cold stare she had ever since she came into our class.

"Dakota, Tyra's right," Carolina said, wiping her tears. "We shouldn't act like this. We need to change."

"Ok," She said.

The bell rang. Everyone headed to the locker rooms for gym class.

It's good and surprising that Carolina agrees with Tyra. Dakota should follow her footsteps.


Gym Class
Johnathan's POV:

Everyone came out of the locker rooms, changed. I'm kind of salty that we have to put on our gym clothes on the last day of school.

We had to because Mrs.Robbins is coming here to take pictures of us for the senior slideshow.

Every year, during graduation, Mrs.Robbins would put on a slideshow of all the fun moments the graduating class had. It's shown to all the parents, family, friends, etc.

Ms.Knight took attendance, and we did our warm-ups, which something we hardly ever do.

"Ms.Knight, why are we doing warm-ups?" Tyra asked. "We only do this whenever the administrator visits our school."

"We're going to play my end of the year kickball game, and I want you guys to be ready," Ms. Knight replied.

Everyone cheered. 

I love playing Ms.Knight's end of the year kickball game. Every year, there's always a big plot twist.

"Two other classes will be here shortly," Ms.Knight said. "If you're wondering who they are, it's the senior's AP Calculus class and Ms.Johnson's study hall class, which is pretty much the cheer team."

Most of our class groaned, including me. I can't stand both of those classes.

 In AP Calculus, there's Penelope with her Calculus addiction and Lisa's annoying ass, and in the cheer squad, there's Kaitlin and her idiotic followers, which includes Jessica. Even though they're both annoying, I know for sure that my team will win.

10 Minutes Later


Both classes came down to the gymnasium.

"Okay students, welcome to my end of the year kickball game," Ms.Knight announced.

All of us cheered.

"Round one: The Squad vs. The AP Gang," She announced. "The AP Gang will kick first."

The squad and I went to the field and got into a huddle.

"Lads, this is the AP class," Tyra said. "Do I have to say anything else?" 

We all started laughing.

"Nice Sir Alex Ferguson reference, Tyra," Melanie said. "In all seriousness, we have to do our best and make smart decisions." 

"Hurry up!" Penelope yells.

We rolled our eyes.

"Word, that's easy," Dameon said.

"Good. Alright, hands in the middle." Tyra said.

"SQUAD ON THREE, ONE TWO THREE SQUAD!" We yelled, raising our hands in the air.

Everyone got into their positions. I'm at first base, Lorena's at second, and Dameon's at third.

Melanie's the pitcher, and everyone else is all over the place. Up first is Penelope.

"Okay, Melanie, we're ready when you are," Ms.Knight said.

Melanie nodded. She perfectly rolls the ball to Penelope.

Penelope kicks it hard and runs. Eric slid to the ground and picked it up. He quickly threw the ball, and it hits Penelope's leg.

"One out! Good job, Eric." Ms.Knight said.

"Ugh, this is so unfair!" Penelope yells as she sits down.

The squad and I started laughing at her.

Last Five Minutes of Gym Class

It's my team versus the cheerleaders. It's tied 4-4, and we have two outs, thanks to Dakota and Carolina. 

Right now, Tyra's up.

"Okay Tyra you got this, you got this," Noah said, as she steps up to the plate.

The squad and I began to chant her name.

Kaitlin rolls the ball. Tyra runs up and kicks the ball so hard that it made a crazy curve. She dashed to first then second, and to third.


She begins to run towards home. Jessica threw the ball, but Tyra went matrix and dodged it. She slid to home base and touched it with her right foot.

 We screamed and cheered.

"CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES! OLE OLE OLE!" We shout with excitement.

Dameon and I picked Tyra up and put her on our shoulders. She couldn't stop laughing as the squad circled us, cheering and screaming and clapping.

"Well, here are your 2015 kickball champions, The Squad!" Ms.Knight exclaimed.

We cheered once again.

Back to English Class

Everyone's back in Mrs.Morris's class.

"Tyra, player of the match material?" Ashton asked.

Everyone laughed.

"We sure murdered the AP class and cheerleader squad," Noah said. "Also, we didn't lose a single game."

"We're ballers," Dameon said.

We agreed with him.

"I'm glad Mrs.Robbins came and took the pictures," I said. "I bet I look good when I caught that ball in mid-air."

Everyone started laughing.

"After this bell rings, I'm going home and sleep, then wake up and get ready for the ceremony," Calum said.

"Me too," Melanie said. "Do you know how many kids are graduating this year?"

"Yeah, like four hundred-something," Noah replied. "It's going to be a long-ass ceremony."

"Oh shit, Noah, you're going to be sitting down for a while," Michael said. "Your last name is Woods."

"I know," Noah groaned. "It's a blessing and curse to have a last name starting with the letter W."

For the graduation ceremony, we're in alphabetical order, by the last name. I'm after Ashton. 

Thankfully, some of us aren't separated as far.

"I hate when people start crying on the last day of school," Luke said. "Like, I won't miss you because we never talked to each other anyway." 

Everyone started laughing.

"Oh my god, that's so annoying," Tyra said.

"I remembered on the last day of school last year; Ramona was crying. She tried to hug me, saying that she'll miss me. I pushed Ramona away from me. Like, we never talked to each other, so why say that you'll miss me?"

"Maybe she liked your presence," I replied.

Everyone started laughing.

"Okay, that would be a little bit weird," Tyra said, laughing.


We stopped talking and looked at the clock.






We dashed out of the classroom. All of us, including the seniors, cheered and threw papers in the air.

"Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!" We cheered, as we walked out of school.

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