The Pirate King's Keeper


Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires.

Duchess Emmaline Somers is fed up with the confines of her life. Forced to marry to end the war, she escapes and flees herself from all of her duties to become free.

When she stumbles upon Captain Styles's ship however, nothing will ever be the same.


1. prologue


Nina Dobrev as Duchess Emmaline Somers

Kiera Knightley as Julietta Moretti

Harry Styles as Captain Styles

Niall Horan as Lieutenant Niall

Zayn Malik as First Mate Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Captain Tomlinson


September, 1796

    Dear Diary,


    Today was the first day that I had heard the word ‘pirate’ uttered since five years ago.

    When talk of them had initially consumed the villages, I was only thirteen years old. Too young to be formally deciding what measures needed to be taken to resolve the issue, so information was concealed from me by my father. Little did he know that every time he held a conference, I was sleuthing.


    I had learned from my spying that the nefarious pirate Captain Styles was the leader of the raiders who had plummeted through our land. He was in search of a person who possessed a kind of magic stone. I was unsure of what exact type of rock he was after, but it was said to be powerful and all mighty. Someone had briefed to him that this had resided somewhere along the coast of the English Channel and he had pillaged high and low throughout every corner of England.


    He had given up his quest after a fortnight and escaped imprisonment, never to be heard of again.  


    Until today.


    It is overwhelming how much can change in the time span of twenty four hours. Looking out at the horizon, everything remains the same as it did days before. The bare tree branches still sway from side to side as the wind picks up its strength, the air still feels cool against pale skin.


     The chilled fall weather is consistent for a time being. The delicate dandelions that are slowly decaying still smell as fresh as the minute that they bloomed, their stems as succulent as ever. Anyone would think that all of this looks exactly the same as it did yesterday.


    But I know that it is different.


    Yesterday, when the sun rose and broke it’s way through the stain glass window, I was a virtuous woman upholding the duties to her country.     


    Tonight, by the time that the moon showed its face and allowed it’s light to come through my quarters, I was betrothed.


    To a man that I did not love. And that tiny detail has the ability to change everything that I have ever known in an instant. I must escape my plight, this horrible fate that I was born into. There must be a way to retain my dignity without the binds of the crown holding me back.


    But even if there isn’t, I know I must take the necessary measures to become independent. Even if that means letting go of everything I have ever known and becoming someone else entirely.


    I may not know much of the journey ahead of me, but I am aware of one thing: Nothing will ever be the same.


    At least not for a Duchess relinquishing her throne to become a pirate.


Emmaline x.

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