Double Agent Styles

Being the daughter of the most wanted man of the mafia, Cassia Valencia is once again on the run. This time, however, her father assigns her a bodyguard, none other than Harry Styles. Her built in arch enemy.




Gabriella Wilde as Cassiopeia (Cassia) Valencia

Harry Styles as Harry & Marcel Styles

Liam Payne as Liam Valencia (Cassia's Brother)

Taylor Hill as Vincenza Valencia

Tom Cruise as Don Massimiliano Valencia (Italian Mafia Leader)


WARNING; this novel contains strong language throughout. Some violence and sexual explicitness will be featured as well. Reader's discretion advised.





            If I could describe my existence in one word, run is the one that I would choose. It’s a command that I am given far too often. It didn’t bother me too much, the only effort that was required was to have enough mental capacity and endurance to put one foot in front of the other at the highest speed imaginable for as long as possible. Still, I never enjoyed the activity, per say, you can only travel so fast on foot and it always seemed like I was never going to be fast enough.


            I can’t say that the thrill of it wasn’t absolutely encapsulating. I could get high from the adrenaline rush provided by the activity. Especially when I was running in order to save my life.


            Safe to say, every single day.


            Father had taught me early on to train my body. Physical fitness was the number one priority in my family, in all of our friends’ families for that matter. It had to be when your life was in danger with every wavering moment passing by. It had been drilled into my head that if dexterity and swift movements were not properly calculated, events will turn cataclysmic.


            While running, nothing seems to matter. You’re so entirely consumed by the act that not one thought dares to enter your mind. Even your perception of time is altered. When being chased, each precious moment is vital to your survival. One second feels like a lifetime. What can be done in a mere second is remarkable when you’re faced with a life or death situation.


            Then again, when you are among the most wanted people in the world, one second is perhaps a generous amount of time to have. 


A/N: hope you enjoyed! I will post the first chapter now and after that then this will be updated regularly. Please let me know your thoughts, I've never written something along these lines before so EEP EXCITED! 

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