Poetry Attempts

These are just some of my poems that I found in my room while cleaning and so I decided to put them on here. And yes, I do know that I'm not a good poet. But I tried to write anyways...I hope that you like these, but sorry if you don't.��


1. Poetry Attempt 1: Attempted Cries For Help

Attempted Cries For Help:

I guess that I just feel so bad

You know that feeling that you get when others are feelin' sad

It's just so hard when you can't seem to help

As others scream and yelp

Their feelings just come pourin' out

Without a hint of doubt

I just can't seem to take the fact

That others feel that they need to do an act

It just leaves the blood comin' out

They scream and shout

And others plug their ears

As they scream out their fears 

I want to help them before they fall

And yet I don't know them at all

I feel so bad that I don't understand

So on their feet they may not land

And I don't know what to do

I guess that I'll just shoo

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